ZYA August 25, 2016

RVision Article and Analysis
By Qutub Shah

Nowadays, local media and some International media are circulating the news of Advisory Commission on Arakan to resolve the crisis between Arakanese Muslim Rohingya and Buddhist Mogh. It is attracting more attention as the former UN secretary general is to head the commission.

By establishment of this commission and the previous ‘Committee for Arakan State Peace, Stability and Development’ chaired by Suu Kyi herself, people from third party may think that efforts are made by NLD to solve Rohingya problem, or it has intention to do at least.

But a close observation of the current situation of Rohingya in Arakan casts doubts on the sincerity of these efforts, when I see the local authorities make the situation today worse than yesterday as if they were the legal in-charges of genocide. So the question rises in mind if NLD is really concerned about the problem. Finally, the most appropriate word I find to describe the whole scene is “Kind Genocide”.

If Suu Kyi really wants to solve this issue, why does she leave her authorities in Arakan state to practice every violation to date like rape, harassment, land confiscation, money extortion, closure of education, restriction of movement, denial of access to healthcare and humanitarian aids, physical attack, arrest, torture, etc.? Is it part of solution or genocide? Are these out of her authority or interest? Or does she have no power to prevent?

Due to increasing persecution and worsening situation of human right in NLD-led government, I wish to go back to Ne Win, Than Shwe and even Thein Sein and seek help from them against the current one. It doesn’t mean that they were in favor, but less harmful. Of course, some of them set the cornerstone of genocide. Authorities of NLD-led government persecute Rohingya so democratically, i.e. freely, openly, unprecedentedly that they care none.

For daily reports of atrocities by the authorities, without lengthening, I am referring to some websites that cover Arakan and Rohingya news on daily basis. (Please visit: www.rvisitontv.com, www.rohingyablogger.com, www.thestateless.com, www.arakantimes.org, www.burmatimes.net, www.kaladanpress.com, www.arakanna.com, www.rna-press.com)

There are hundreds of cases recorded in details including for today and yesterday.

Since 2012, higher studies have been closed for Rohingya. Religious education is also totally locked. Even home study circles are banned, where fathers or elders used to teach their children some basic things. Now it is almost going on half a decade. If it continues more few years, there will be a generation fully illiterate.

There are fresh reports on confiscation of 100s of acres of farmlands recently in southern Maungdaw , Rathedaung and Kyauktaw that have sent many Rohingya land owners and farmers into trouble, as their livelihoods depend on agriculture. Three villages in Kyauktaw and 2 in Rathedaung are still under siege of Moghs after they have seized all of their farmlands, where these Muslim villages are under existential threat.

Restriction of movement is more tightened than ever. There are check-posts in every few miles that harass Rohingya who passes by, extort money, and collect illegal tax from vehicles.

The BGP launches dangerous raids on villages one by one on different pretext, and arrest innocents people on false accusation and torture them for money extortion. Every single day, authorities especially, BGP extorts millions of money from Rohingya and also seizes livestock and properties. 

The IDPs have been living in concentration camps since 2012. No effort is made yet to resettle them in their own homes.

 Moghs don’t miss any chance they get to do physical attack on Rohingya or harm him in other form enjoying the impunity that the authorities have granted to their partners of Mogh extremists against Rohingya.

There are also 1000s of Rohingya exposed to extreme poverty and famine as the government has dined the access to humanitarian aids and prevented NGOs to assist them.

And also there are several cases of sexual abuse and rape including the alleged mass rape of a Rohingya woman by military in Akyab last week. But no action is taken. Who is to take action, when the authorities are the criminals?

Another tough case is to get access to healthcare as the hospitals and clinics care death of Rohingya more than their health. Please watch the documentary:

Before Suu Kyi come into power, she used to blame lack of ‘rule of law’ for what was happening in Arakan (Rakhine) state and used to say that she has no authority to establish it. But now who is to be blamed for ignoring Rule of Law in Arakan? Please watch the documentary:

Do we need a commission to stop these state-sponsored crimes first? What’s meant by Advisory Commission if these crimes continue and the authorities are set free to commit these crimes? What kind of commission is this if Rohingya is excluded from, who are a major part of the problem? 

Isn’t the stopping of these atrocities a prerequisite for solution of the main problem that the commission aims at?