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Rakhine Police Arrested Five Brothers and Tortured One To Death in Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar|

September 12, 2013

At 10 AM on 10th September 2013, Maung Daw District Police led by the officer U Shwe Thein arbitrarily arrested five brothers in a Rohingya family in the village of Bura Shidda Fara (U Kye Kya), northern Maung Daw.

One of the five brothers was tortured to death in the cell. The remaining four are still in the cell and being tortured. They are:

1) Shor Mulluk S/o Khala Meah (Age 40) (Still in the cell)

2) Thazar Mulluk S/o Khala Meah (Age 35) (Still in the cell)

3) Mohammed Hashim S/o Khala Meah (Age 28) (Still in the cell)

4) Mohammed Amin S/o Khala Meah (Age 27) (Killed in the cell)

5) Mohammed Salim S/o Khala Meah (Age 23) (Still in the cell)

The body of Mohammed Amin was discharged from hospital at 11AM on 11th September 2013 and buried the following day. The police asked the villagers not to inform the case to anyone. Besides, police threatened that they would burn down the whole village and shoot everyone to death if the villagers report the tragedy to the international community.

“The accusations against these innocent brothers are nothing but lame. They were accused of robberies that took place in the house of U Iqbal S/o U Naju Meah in the village of Ngan Chaung of the Bawli Bazaar village tract (Report Here). In fact, those robberies were carried out by armed Rakhine dacoits.Besides, They were arbitrarily accused to have links with foreign militant groups, which is totally false. Police are doing it in order to conceal the robberies they are carrying out in Rohingya houses in the region in coordination with Arakan Liberation Party (ALP)” said an elderly Rohingya.(Source: Aung Aung on Twitter, Sindhi Khan and Md Khan)