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Maungdaw: Rakhines Illegal Protest Ended with Explosion Threats

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2018

Maungdaw: Extremists Mohgs (Rakhines) conducted illegal protests and threaten to bomb blast the school in Maungdaw Town on 5th February 2018, reports villagers.

A vehicle carrying a group of extremist Moghs (Rakhines) started an illegal protest against the Rohingya at 08:00 AM and fired in the air with their guns. In the protest they held banners and shouted heavily with their usual discriminatory words and hate speech. Besides creating fear they threatened to bomb blast the school area in quarter 2 of Maungdaw Town.

In the evening authorities called the village admin of quarter 2 and warned him that a bomb explosion might be conducted by the Moghs (Rakhines). Following the warning to the village admin locals believe that it’s  a direct indication to threaten the Rohingya and a new conspiracy that have been cooked by the Burmese Authorities and Extremist Moghs (Rakhines).

Now in the extreme situation villagers are tremendously terrified for the upcoming attacks and giving threats to Rohingya publicly also seems to be a part of new conspiracy of the Burmese government.

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