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Maungdaw Police Misuse Authority and Turn Brutal against Rohingya People

By M.S. Anwar

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Maungdaw Police is misusing the authority given, going overboard and turning brutal against innocent Rohingya people in the township
Maungdaw Police is misusing the authority given, going overboard and turning brutal against innocent Rohingya people in the township

Maungaw Township, Arakan State– Recently, Myanmar Higher Authority has ordered Maungdaw Police to take action against any drug (Yaba and Heroines) smugglers and anyone that operates this sort of illegal businesses. However, taking advantage of that, Maungdaw Police is misusing the authority given, going overboard and turning brutal against innocent Rohingya people in the township. They have been

1)       raiding Rohingyas’ homes,

2)       arresting and torturing innocent Rohingyas under the allegation of involving in the violence in June 2012 and with forged drug-smuggling cases for money,

3)       bodily harassing Rohingya women at check-posts in various ways

4)       spreading (RSO) propaganda to kill more Rohingyas and others.

Regional Security Police (Nay Htin Aphphwe) team, a branch of Maungdaw Police, led by Sub-lieutenant Htu Htu and Sergeant Hla Myint, is involved in committing crimes against Rohingyas living in the suburbs of the downtown of Maungdaw. And Border Security Police (Nay Cha Saung Tet Phwe) have been behaving brutal and ruthless against Rohingyas in the rural areas.

Following cases are some of untold offenses or crimes committed against Rohingyas by the Police in recent days.


Case #1: Police Arrest Three Rohingyas under Forged Drug Case

Around 1PM on 20th May 2014, a team of police from Maungdaw Police Station raided the house belong to U Shomshu in Quarter 5, Maungdaw. The police, themselves, placed some Yaba Tablets in a pipe in his house and accused his son, Mohammed Arez (of age 29), of involving in drug peddling. Then, the police arrested three members of the family and detained in Maungdaw Police station. They are:

1)       Mohammed Arez

2)       His wife, Shomshidah (of age 25), daughter of U Kamal

3)       And his step-mother

Police released Mohammed Arez’s wife and his step-mother at 6:30PM of the day having extorted Kyat 3 Million. However, Mohammed Arez is not released yet. (Report by Maung Z)


Case #2: Border Security Police Arbitrarily Arrest Three Rohingyas

On 20th May 2014 night, a group of Hlun Htein (Security Force) Police from their administrative headquarter at Kyi Gan Pyin (Khawar Bil) arrived at the village of Nwa Roon Taung, northern Maungdaw. Then, around 9PM, they included the village administrator in their group and chased Rohingya passers-by at the village market. They managed to escape the arrest except three people that got caught. They were beaten up inhumanely and sent to their administrative office mentioned above. Since then, no members of their families have been able to see them. They have been out of communication.

1)       Mr. Zahir (Age 25)

2)       Sayed Hussein (Age 55)

3)       Ibrahim (sic) (Age 49)

They were arrested for no reason. The curfew time imposed in the region is effective only from 11PM to 4AM. (Report by Rohingya Arakani)


Case #3: Police Arbtrarily Beat Up a Rohingya in Taung Pyo

Rohingya people of Quarter 2 under Taung-Pyo Let Wei Sub-Township, Maungdaw Township, go to rivers and fishery ponds for fishing after obtaining permission from Border Security Police in the quarter.

Around 12:30PM on 19th May 2014, Mv Nurul Amin and other four people of the quarter were going to fishery ponds for fishing. Meanwhile, a corporal from Border Police Station at Chaung Wa village of Mi-Taing village tract arrived at the Police camp in quarter 2. He summoned Mv Nurul Amin and other four people and asked them where they were going to. When they replied that they were going to fishery ponds, the corporal, without any reason, punched and kicked Mv. Nurul Amin. And it caused severe injuries in Mv. Nurul Amin’s body.

Mv. Nurul Amin complaint to the Second in command of the police station in Quarter, the police officer said that he would take action and asked him (i.e. Mv Nurul Amin) not to report it to anywhere else. However, no action has been taken against the police officer for his offense yet. (Report by MYARF)


Case #4: Rakhine Administrator Get an Innocent Rohingya Arrested for Money

U Dollya (son of) U Furuk (of Age 50) is a local Rohingya of Quarter three, Maungdaw. On 18th May 2014, administrator of the Quarter, U Tin Aung (a Rakhine), arbitrarily asked him for Kyat 50,000. Since he refused to pay the money to the administrator, the administrator called Police from Maungdaw Police station to get him arrested around 1PM of the day.

The Regional Security Police Team (Nay Htin) led by Second in Command Police officer, Sub-lieutenant Htu Htu, arrived at the village and surrounded the home of U Dollya. Though U Dollya tried to escape, Police hit him with marble balls using catapults and arrested him eventually. The Police inhumanely tortured him after the arrest. (Report by MYARF and Sindhi Khan)


Case #5: Nay-Htin Police Arrest a Rohingya under False Allegation

Around 4:00PM on 18th May 2014, Sergeant U Hla Myint and other members from Regional Security Police Team (Nay Htin) of Maungdaw Police station arrested U Hamid (son of) Abdul Haleque (of Age 40), a local Rohingya of quarter three of Maungdaw, under the pretext of involving in the violence during June 2012. U Hamid is a simple and innocent man that runs a mechanic shop at Clock-Tower Junction in Maungdaw. (Report by MYARF and Sindhi Khan)


Case #6: Maungdaw District Police Commander Threaten to Kill Rohingyas

On 18th May 2014 afternoon, Maungdaw District Police Commander, Lieutenant Colonel U Shwe Thein (a Rakhine), summoned administrators of Rohingya villages for a meeting at the office of Maungdaw Township Administration. In the meeting, he threatened the village administrators “we have heard that 13 RSO terrorists entered the township recently. You must find out who they are and arrest them. Otherwise or if you do otherwise at any place, you will have to exchange them with your lives. That’s we will kill you all involved with them.”

They killed more than 100 Rohingyas during 1994 under similar forged cases and the banner of RSO attacks. Now, they have started to spread propaganda that RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), is attacking Myanmar Border Guards and trying to invade Myanmar so as to be able to kill even more innocent Rohingyas. RSO is a former Rohingya armed group that has been disbanded long ago. Bangladesh government has officially announced that it is no longer existent today. (Report by Sindhi Khan)

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