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Maungdaw Police Bans Rohingya Detainees from Receiving Ramadhan Meals

By Rohingya Eye ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Sunday, July 6, 2014 ׀

Maungdaw Police has banned local Rohingya Muslims to send foods and daily meals to the Muslims detained in Maungdaw Police detention during Muslims’ fasting month, Ramadhan, according to locals of Maungdaw.

Maungdaw PoliceMost of the Rohingya Muslim detainees have been arbitrarily arrested and in the detention without any charges and prosecutions since the violence in June 2012.

“In earlier years, we were to send donated foods and meals twice daily to the Muslim detainees in Maungdaw Police Detention during Muslim Fasting Month Ramadhan. However, on June 30, deputy chief of Maungdaw Police Station, Lieutenant Myint Lwin, said that they won’t allow the detained Rohingya Muslims to receive food from outside in this year’s fasting month.

The police officer said ‘no need to feed anything to them. All are criminals. If a detainee escapes meanwhile you provide them food, who will bear the responsibility for that.’

He further said that if Muslims had so much money, they could give the money to the police instead of the detainees” said a local Muslim Rohingya in Maungdaw declining to be named.

“Therefore, it is extremely worrisome to think how Muslim detainees would perform fasting well and stay healthy if they can’t have enough meals” he added.