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Maungdaw Police Arbitrarily Extort Money from a Rohingya Youth


Monday, June 9, 2014 – 06:30PM (MST)


Maungdaw, Arakan: On June 8, 2014 afternoon, Maungdaw Police extorted money from a 20-year old Rohingya at Myoma Kayintan in Maungdaw arbitrarily accusing him of using internet in his phone, according to an eyewitness.

“June 8 is a day when violence against Rohingyas began in June 2012. Therefore, on June 8, 2014, Police was patrolling by their vehicles all over Maungdaw.

In the afternoon of the day, a group of Security Police arrived at Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara), Maungdaw.

Then, they stopped Mohammed Sadek (son of) Kamal (of Age 10), a legal wood trader, while he was passing by. They searched his whole body. Nothing illegal was found. Yet, they accused him of using internet in GSP (MPT) Mobile Phone supplied by Myanmar Government. Then, they extorted so much money from him as to buy 20 pieces of Zinc Sheets” said an eye-witness.

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