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Maungdaw Police Arbitrarily Extort Money from Rohingya Scholar

By MYARF ׀ Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State ׀

Police has arbitrarily extorted Kyat 75,000 from a local Rohingya in Maungdaw by means of threats, making it to the chronic money extortions by the authority, say local sources.

Police in Maungdaw
Police in Maungdaw

The police personnel are U Maung Kyaw and Saya Hla Myint. They are notorious for harassing and extorting money from Rohingya passers-by waiting at the traffic police post nearby the Office of Maungdaw District General Administration in Myoma Kayindan village also called Shidda Fara, according to the source.

The victim of the money extortion is identified to be Mv Rafique (son of) U Khifayat Ullah hails from Gawduthara village, southern Maungdaw.

“He is a religious scholar that runs a grocery shop at the bazaar in Gawdusara village on July 16. He was on his way to the downtown of Maungdaw to buy some goods for his shop. Meanwhile, he was stopped by the policer officers, U Maung Kyaw and Saya Hla Myint, and arbitrarily accused of involving in violence in Duchiradan in January 2014” said Maung Htin, an eye-witness of the incident.

“Do you want to face prosecutions or want to solve this? If so, you have to give us Kyat 75,000. There is no rule of law for us here. So, we can behave as we wish” added Maung Htin quoting the police officers.

Dozens of Rohingyas were killed and more than 100 Rohingya homes were plundered during the violence that took place in Duchiradan in January. Instead of carrying out proper investigation and bringing justice for the people, they have started arbitrarily accusing innocent Rohingyas of inciting violence and issued arrest warrants against them.

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