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Maungdaw Court Sentence Eight Innocent Rohingyas to 7-Year Imprisonment

By Aung Aung

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Aftermaths of Duchiradan (Kilaidaung) after the village had been set ablaze by Rakhine Terrorists.
Aftermaths of Duchiradan (Kilaidaung) after the village had been set ablaze by Rakhine Terrorists.

Maungdaw, Arakan state– Maungdaw Court sentenced eight innocent Rohingyas to 7-year imprisonment under Section 17/2 on 28th May 2014. They were arrested after the violence against Rohingyas in Duchiradan village under the accusation of inflaming violence.

“Duchiradan (Kilaidaung) is a village which was hit by Myanmar-Regime-sponsored violence on 14thJanuary 2014. Myanmar and Security Force together with Rakhine terrorists mutilated and killed around 50 innocent people. They raped women/girls. Rohingyas’ homes were destroyed and their properties were looted by Rakhine extremists. They arbitrarily arrested many people.

Of those people arrested, Maungdaw Court sentenced eight people to 7-year imprisonment under Section 17/2 “Involving in Unlawful Associations” on 28th May 2014. Section 17/2 punishes a person not more than five years. Therefore, they might be charged with another Section as well.

Details of the Rohingyas imprisoned are:

1)       Zahid Alam (son of) Ali Akhbar (Age 25)

2)       Noor Mustafa (son of) Ali Hussein (Age 50)

3)       Rafiq (son of) Lal Meah (Age 20)

4)       Ramzan Ali (son of) Khanlu (Age 55)

5)       Shomsul Alam (son of) Dollya (Age 30)

6)       Bilal (son of) Nizam (Age 70)

7)       Kamal Uddin (son of) Nasser (Age 60)

8)       Shomshu (son of) Badi Alam (Age 50)” said local Rohingya of the village.

“Many people are still missing. And many people are on the run for the fear of arrests. Authority has issued arrests warrants against them. The authority put them in their wanted list and attached their photos in front of BGP (Myanmar Border Guard Police) Administration in AlayThanKyaw (Haishshurata), southern Maungdaw.

They have committed atrocities against us. Ironically, they are imprisoning our people for the crimes that the authority has committed. It’s double victimization” he continued.

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