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Maungdaw Authority Execute Video Shooting of a Fake Violence Incidence

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

23rd March 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– A video shooting of a fake violence incidence involving Rakhine Extremists and the Security Force (HlunHtein) took place in Maungdaw around 8:30AM on 22nd March 2013. Local Rohingyas suspect that the video shooting was meant to cover up any possible fortcoming violence against them around the time of the population census and to subsequently deceive the international community.

“Around 8:30AM on 22nd March 2013, a video shooting by the Maungdaw authority took place at the road junction to the north-east of Maungdaw Football Stadium. Around 300 Rakhine extremists armed with swords, daggers, sticks and stones gathered at the place. Standing opposite to the extremists were Security Force (HlunHtein) in their standby position.

Every time Rakhine extremists made a run towards the security force (pretending as though they were attacking the Security Force), they (the security force) gave warning shots and pretended to shoot at the extremists. And some other extremists carried away the extremists acting to get injured from the so-called gunshots by the security force. So, the video shooting went on for two and half hours” said a witness, a local of Maungdaw.

“We don’t know why they did that. But there might be some ill-intentions behind that.
We suspect that the video shooting was meant to deceive the international community. The video shooting of the fake incidence will come into use if the government and Rakhine terrorists have intentions to trigger more series of violence against us. Especially prior to or during the forthcoming population census! Government can show the video to the international community to falsely portray that they (government) take action against the Rakhine extremists as well. Anything can happen against us because we are under the governance of the lawless and arbitrary tyrants” he added.

Maungdaw Described
Description of Some Places in Maungdaw (Source: Google Map)



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