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Maung Daw District Adminstration Ordered To Shut Down Rohingyas’ Shops

Maung Daw District Adminstration Ordered To Shut Down Rohingyas’ Shops
August 20
13:49 2013

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August 20, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– At 10AM on 16th August 2013, the head of the Maung Daw District Administration, U Aung Myint Soe, held a meeting in his office at Myoma Kayintan, Maung Daw. Then, he issued an order to shut down or destroy 13 Rohingyas’ shops at Clock-Tower junction within three months time. If Rohingyas do not shut down the shops, the authority will use bulldozer to destroy the shops, said the administrator.

The shop were built more than eight years ago spending millions of money by Rohingyas. The shops were built on the government owned ground. Since then, according to the agreement made with the government, Rohingya shop owners have been paying monthly Kyat 10,000 regularly. Now, the market value of each shop is Kyat 4 Miilion. Now, all of sudden, violating the agreement, the authority suddenly has suddenly ordered to destroy the shops. Rohingyas are facing difficulties now.

The owners of this shops are:

1) Mr Fayaz

2) Dr Kamal

3) Abdur Rahman (Nati Cafe)

4) Mr Jalal (a tea-shop owner)

5) S-Kahn (a guest house owner)

They all are locals of downtown of Maung Daw.

At 2PM on the same day (i.e. 16th August 2013), after a meeting held by the head of department of General Admininstration of Rakhine state in Maung Daw township administration office, it was announced that Rohingyas in Maung Daw have to go through the same marriage red tapes used to be practiced by NaSaKa (the abolished Border Security Force) against Rohingyas.

Clock-Tower Junction, Maung Daw (Photo: Google Map)

Clock-Tower Junction, Maung Daw (Photo: Google Map)

Reports by Sindhi Khan

Edited by MS Anwar



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