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Maung Daw Updates: Military Arrested Four Rohingyas, A Rohingya Shop Robbed

Report by MYARF and Sindhi Khan | Written by M.S. Anwar

September 20, 2013

1- On 17th September 2013 morning, seven poor Rohingyas from the villages of HaisshuRata (Alay-Than-Kyaw) and Kanpu, southern Maung Daw, went to the nearby forest for logging and woods. Meanwhile, seven military personnel from Mrawaddy Squadron chased them. Three out of seven people managed to escape. The military arbitrarily arrested the remaining four Rohingyas. The military severely tortured them and then, transferred them to the Mrawaddy Police Station. Now, Police are demanding that each family of the four Rohingyas have to pay Kyat 200,000 to the Police if they want to get their respective family members released. They are:

1) Noor Mohammed S/o Nazir Ahmed (Age 29) (From Kanpu)

2) Mohammed Yunoos S/o Amir Hamza (Age 32) (From Kanpu)

3) Shah Alam S/o Abdur Rahman (Age 10) (From Kanpu)

4) Abul Fayas S/o Abdur Rahman (Age 33) (From Mon Tula village of AlayThanKyaw)

2- An electronic and electrical acessories shop owned by Nazim S/o Mv Jamil got robbed in the downtown of Maung Daw between 1AM and 5AM on 18th Septemeber 2013. He is a Rohingya and resident of Fayazi Village, Maung Daw. Stuffs worth around Kyat 0.5million got stolen.

“We believe that, like the earlier times, this robbery was also carried out by Rakhine Police or Hlun Htein (Security Force) in cooperation with Rakhine hooligans. Because between 10PM and 5AM is a curfew period. No Rohingya but only Rakhines and authority can roam around in the curfew period” said a local of Maung Daw.

“Unfortunately, lodging police complaints regarding the thefts and roberries are also abortive. We have to pay Kyat 10,000 for lodging a police complaint. We to pay further Kyat 50,000 if we want police to start ivestigations. Even then, it is not certain that they will catch the thieves or the robbers. In the earlier robberies, no burgular or robber could have been brought into light.

People are frustrated. So, we have to keep silent even if our shops get robbed” he added.

The Security in charge during the curfew period is a second lieutetant Police, Tun Tun (Sic). The head of the Maung Daw Police station is a lieutenant Police called Hkan Hla.

Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)
Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)