RVISION September 6, 2016


Rathedaung: Maugh Extremists inhumanely beaten and tortured an Innocent Rohingya in Zaillafara (Maugh village)of Anaparang, Rathedaung on 6th September 2016.

The victim is identified to be Muhammed Salim, 26, S/O Haroon Rashid is a poor farmer hailing from a village of Anaprang, Rathedaung.

In the incident some of the Rohingya Farmers were taken by the nearby Maugh villagers as workers for their farmlands. After a while suddenly 3 nearby Maugh extremists arrived with sharp objects and started beating Salim very badly, leaving several fractures on his hands and shoulders.

Victim Salim is in urgent need of healthcare now, where nothing is available for Rohingya in Anaparag, Rathedaung including a sufficient meal.

Muslims villages in Anaprang are surrounded by Maugh villages, where most of the Rohingya’s farmlands have been seized by Government authorities and Maugh villagers ceasing Rohingya’s livelihoods.

Moreover in Rathedaung since last 2 months NGO’s have ceased their ration distribution process due to government’s pressure on them, leaving helpless Rohingyas in hunger and thirst.

Land confiscations and ceasing livelihoods of the Rohingya are other rooted genocidal tools in Arakan, where Arakanese Rohingyas are paying the cost of living in their own ancestral land by starving.

Edited: Arifa

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