RVISION August 30, 2016

Kyauktaw: An Innocent Rohingya have been brutally attacked by Maugh extremist in a Maugh village, Kyauktaw on 29th August 2016.

The victim is identified to be Shamsul Alam S/O Abdul Ali, who hails from Phallongfara village, Kyauktaw. In the incident Shamsul went to the nearby Maugh Village to a buy cow for the upcoming EId-Ul-Adha (A Muslim Festival of Animal sacrifice).

While buying the cow, due to some verbal arguments at 3:30 pm between the seller and victim Sahmsul, he was been dragged by another nearby Maugh extremists to a Maugh Home and was brutally attacked and injured by large knife on his head.

Maugh extremist attacked and injured deeply with the intention of killing, but Shamsul was lucky enough and managed to save his life by fleeing with heavy bleedings.

Attacking and killing by government officials are common, where these types of Maugh Extremists are also set free to commit crimes in the watch of previous military Governments and the present so called democratic Government as well.

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Edited: Arifa

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