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Mass Rohingya graveyard found near Thai Malaysian border

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Mass Rohingya graveyard found near Thai Malaysian border
May 01
08:12 2015

Thai authorities today (May 1) found a mass graveyard near the Thai Malaysian border in Padang Besar district of Songkhla.

The graceyard was found in Songkhla province.

The graveyard was found to have the decomposed bodies of 33 people, believed to be innocent Rohingya migrants.

The finding came after Thai border authorities were alerted by a Malaysian national that a large graveyard was found near the Padang Besar border.

Police and district officials went to inspect the area and found 33 tombs where the bodies were buried.

Another decomposed body was also laid at the area and was not yet buried.

Investigations later revealed that the area was earlier used by some 200-300 Rohingya migrants who smuggled into the country, and lived there.

Villagers said these migrants died of sickness and some died fighting after having quarrels among themselves.

However as the authorities arrived at the area today, the area was left vacant and all Rohingya migrants had escaped, believed to have crossed the border into Malaysia.

Royal Thai Police commissioner Pool Gen Somyot Phumphanmuang confirmed the graveyard finding but said it was used as a detention centre by human traffickers.

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