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Mass Rohingya Arrested in BGP’s Staged Photo Census

By Rohingya Vision TV correspondents | 20th December 2017

Maungdaw: Border Guard police (BGP) arrested 6 Rohingya in their staged photo census from different villages of Maungdaw on 19th Novembe, 2017, report locals.

A group of Border Guard Police (BGP) arrived in the villages of Burashiddafara (Oo kya Kar) and arrested a Rohingya named Zafar Alam S/O Moloi Badiur Rahman, 43.

Initially he was taken to village school in their staged photo census and kept him waited for a while. Later at 10:00 AM a group of BGP detained him and is still incommunicado.

Later the same group of Border Guard Police (BGP) reached the Mangala (They Ra Oo) village and arrested 5 Rohingya fishery workers while returning from their daily livelihood work. They are still unidentified, hailing from Burashiddafara (Oo kya Kar) village.

Similar illegal photo census is heard to be taking place in different villages of Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township, where Local Rohingyas are harassed by arrests, physical torture, abuse and money extortion on daily basis.

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