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Majority Victims, Rohingyas, To Benefit The Least From India’s Contribution

Opinion Editorial | RVisionTV

September 5, 2013

According to, on 4th September 2013, Indian Ambassador to Myanmar Gautam Mukhopadhaya symbolically handed over a cheque of USD 1 million for construction of 10 schools in four townships in Rakhine (Arakan) State as India’s contribution towards the reconciliation process between the two communities (Rakhines and Rohingyas) there.

Myanmar authority is known for not redistributing the international assistance to the public but putting the foreign aids into their own pockets. Even though they distribute, in Arakan case in particular, they will distribute the least possible to the worst violence hit victims, Rohingyas. To put it straight, it is because Rohingyas are a community that the government and Rakhine extremists want to get rid of.

As it has been thought of, according to the source on the ground, Rohingyas, the majority victims (in fact, the victims of ethnic cleansing), will benefit the least from the India’s contribution.

“At 9:30AM on 3rd September 2013, a meeting among Indian Ambassador to Myanmar, Mr. Gautam Mukhopadhaya, Rakhine State Administration Officials, State Education Ministers was held at the Rakhine State Administration office. Some Rohingya representatives from the blocked Aung Mingalar Quarter were also invited to the meeting. During the meeting, Indian Ambassador made a donation of US dollar one million to build ten schools for the development of the children in Arakan state.

Nevertheless, after the meeting, during the press release, Rakhine State Minister, U Hla Maung Htin, mentioned the names of the places of the schools to be built at. Four schools will be built in Sittway (Akyab), four in Maung Daw, one in Kyauktaw and another in Minbyaa respectively. The sad thing is that so far, it has been reported that only one school will be built in Rohingyas’ area. That is said to be at Thakkay Pyin in Sittway. Reports are that the remaining nine schools (even the schools in Maung Daw) are to be bulit in Rakhine areas.

The world knows that Rohingyas are the victims of ethnic cleansing jointly carried out by the Government and Rakhine extremists. Hence, we are very sad that the majority victims are benefitting the least from India’s contribution” reported Ma May Chit Su, from Literature Research Organization, Sallam OIC Group, Arakan.

It has been learnt that the amount (one million US Dollar contribution) was handed over to the minister of the border security and affairs in Arakan, Colonel Htein Lin, and Education Minister of Arakan State, U Kyaw Khin.