msa May 27, 2013

MS Anwar

Short Analysis


The persecution and oppression of Rohingyas in Burma is nothing new. They have been persecuted on account of their ethnic origin and religion and their historical and cultural monuments have been destroyed. They have been systemically deprived of their legal documents. Travel restrictions, sanctions on their marriages and malicious birth-control policy set up against them. They have been made educationally backward and economically crippled.

Rohingya Fleeing Due to Massacres and Persecutions
Rohingya Fleeing Due to Massacres and Persecutions (Photo Credit:

Above all, they have been massacred time and again and their women are raped.

The atrocities against them have been too much for a person who is a stranger to Burma to believe. In 1666, the brutal and characterless Rakhine King, Sanda Thudama, massacred the asylum seeking Indian prince Shah Shuja and his family and robbed their jewelries. Besides, he abducted one of the Shah Shujah’s daughter. Meanwhile, he indiscriminately killed thousands of Muslims in Arakan. 

Again in 1942, more than 100,000 Muslims were massacred by Rakhine extremists with the help of ultranationalist Burmese. After the independence of Burma in 1948, there have been major operations being carried out against Rohingyas community to wipe them out of Arakan in order to make it into purely Burmanized Buddhist region.

Some of the major armed operations against the Rohingya people, orchestrated by the ultranationalist Burmese government since 1948 are mentioned below:

1) Military Operation (5th Burma Regiment) – November 1948

2) Burma Territorial Force (BTF) – Operation 1949-50

3) Military Operation (2nd Emergency Chin regiment) – March 1951-52

4) Mayu Operation – October 1952-53

5) Mone-Thone Operation – October 1954

6) Combined Immigration and Army Operation – January 1955

7) Union Military Police (UMP) Operation – 1955-58

8) Captain Htin Kyaw Operation – 1959

9) Shwe Kyi Operation – October 1966

10) Kyi Gan Operation – October-December 1966

11) Ngazinka Operation – 1967-69

12) Myat Mon Operation – February 1969-71

13) Major Aung Than Operation – 1973

14) Sabe Operation February – 1974-78

15) Naga-Min (King Dragon) Operation – February 1978-79 (resulting in exodus of some 300,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh)

16) Shwe Hintha Operation – August 1978-80

17) Galone Operation – 1979

18) Pyi Thaya Operation – July 1991-92 (resulting in exodus of some 268,000 Rohingyas to Bangladesh)

19) Paythaya(Na-Sa-Ka Operation) – since 1992

20) Mass Killings of Rohingyas (in 1994)

21) Riot Against Muslims in Akyab (Sittway) and in other cities in 2001

22) The full-fledged Genocide sponsored by the state is still going on..