Looting by Authorities A major Aspect of Maungdaw Security Operation

By August 15, 2017 21:10

Looting by Authorities A major Aspect of Maungdaw Security Operation

Maungdaw: A major aspect of the Maungdaw security operation or clearance operation is robbery and looting by military, border guard police and Rakhine youths from NaTaLa villages (new settlements). Since October 2016, every village, market, shop or household they have raided or searched are looted as well. While raiding a place, the military and BGP accompany Rakhine youths who help them loot valuables and carry them perhaps on condition of sharing.

Whatever movable such as jewelry, cash, mobile phones, solar panel, etc. they take away with them and unmovable things they destroy totally and leave unusable, demolish homes and other household things and kill or take way livestock. Especially, the jewelry whether it is stored or in use, they loot is snatching. Normally, while conducting an operation, they take extra begs with them to carry what they afford, as this picture speaks.

In the picture below, what the security forces are carrying is not a militant suspect but a goat belonging to Rohingya. Sometime they kill and eat at the same house or village, and sometimes they take away, or throw them killed.

If these armed authorities get nothing to loot and rob, they summon or arrest some people randomly to extort huge amounts of money. In some villages there are reports of looting even dry fishes and vegetables, and destroying spoons, plates, glasses, etc.

Here the following video is an incident from Kyun Pauk Pyu Su (Kyang Maung) village, where the military and police committed such atrocities on August 8. What is the link between these atrocities and security operation?

In the same incident, the woman house-owner, wife of Siru s/o Omar Hakim narrates how the military snatched her golden nose-pin, killed her goats and demolished her house.

There are hundreds of evidences looting and robbery by military while conducting security operations.

In the name of clearance operation, properties of Rohingya are also targeted and CLEARED!




By August 15, 2017 21:10

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