Local Powerful Bodies Extort Money Menacing Poor Rohingyas in Buthidaung

By August 18, 2016 18:02

Local Powerful Bodies Extort Money Menacing Poor Rohingyas in Buthidaung

Buthidaung- Local powerful bodies working under township administrator of Buthidaung menace the poor Arakanese Rohingya villagers so that they can extort a large bundle of money on different excuses, according to a sufferer.

Village head along with the  head of  hamlet Mohammad Siddque, his assistant clerk Imam Huson and a retired school teacher Sayed Ahmad conspires to gather subscription from the Rohingya villagers for village welfare fund or threaten them demanding money for township administrator showing different causes. After collecting a huge amount of money, they use a small amount for humanitarian works from the village welfare fund but the rest goes in their pockets.

A month ago, they collected 6.5 million Kyats, taking 10 thousands Kyats per house from the village, to set stones on the roads but they spent only 1.5 million Kyats for it and the rest 5 million were misappropriated.

A world-famous devastating flood occurred in Arakan last year which destroyed the houses and the paddy fields. In that calamity, the aforementioned powerful bodies extorted money from the helpless and needy Rohingys saying that town administrator claimed money as they were repairing their destroyed houses.

Threatening the villagers, the cruel sinners collected money, ranging from 300 to 50 thousands Kyats from each house, where they misappropriated about 15 million Kyats, he said.

As the higher authorities set them free to oppress and suppress the Arkanese Rohingya people, even a little bit powerful body can carry on misdeeds against them to vanish this ethnic community.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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By August 18, 2016 18:02

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