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At Least 200 Innocent Rohingya Killed by Burmese Forces and Rakhine Terrorists in Maungdaw

By RVision Correspondent

RVision TV News 

Muangdaw: Now, at least 200 innocent Arakanese Rohingya civilians have been killed by Burmese forces and Rakhine (Mogh) terrorists on the allegation of attack on 9, October at three Border Guard Police camps in Maungdaw though the government hasn’t got clearance about the attackers yet, said an eye-witnessed from Rohingya.

It has been reportedly known that more than 300 guiltless Rohingya were severely wounded in different areas of Maungdaw where Burmese military forces, Border Guard Police (BGP) along with Buddhist terrorists have been continuing the ethnic cleansing operation again since 9, October. The wounded people are struggling with death as they cannot access to treatment.

According to some people, the tyrannical government forces have recently killed so many Rohingya civilians including children, juveniles and the old where some of the corpses have been hidden after massacre. They have already burnt fourteen Rohingya villages in Maungdaw too and planned to commit such inhumane and unlawful activities in Buthidaung.

Because of burning houses to ashes, some people have become homeless and are running to and fro in search of shelter and foods as well. Besides, the forces are arbitrarily arresting men to kill them in the safe place.

In pre-planned ethnic cleansing operation, forces are now being deployed increasingly and senior general of army has given ordered to use heavy weapons and ordered to do air-raids as the Rohingya Muslims have stood up against them for intolerable torture, rape and extermination, they said again.

The local Rohingya ask the world, “Is there any law for mass-killing if any unknown body raids on the government forces?  If not, why do the world leaders and international organizations not come forward to punish the mass-killers against innocent Rohingya people who have been crying for international helps for decades? Is it our great misstate to be Muslims having faith in Islam rather than Buddhists?”

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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