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Leader of Rakhine ‘Hitler’ Gang Vandalize a Rohingya Shop

Report by Sindhi Khan | Written by M.S. Anwar

November 11, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan: A Rakhine extremist (who is also the leader of Rakhine Hitler Gang of Maung Daw) together with his friends vandalized a Rohingya shop at Quarter 2, Maung Daw, at around 8:45AM on 30th October 2013.

“At 8:45AM on 30th October 2013, Maung Chay (son of) U Maung Phru, a Rakhine extremist, from the village of Bohmuu (Rwa), Ward 4, Maung Daw, turned up at a Rohingya grocery shop named “Plaza” located nearby Maung Daw Clock-Tower in Ward 2. The shop was owned by Abdur Razzak (Age 29), a Rohingya hails from Ward 2 as well. Upon arriving, the Rakhine extremist asked for chewing betels. The shopkeeper (i.e. Abdur Razak) gave it to him. While the shopkeeper was serivng the next customer, the extremist asked for cigarette. The shopkeeper gave cigarette to him after seriving the said customer.

However, the Rakhine extremist suddenly got angry and was about to punch the shopkeeper accusing that the shopkeeper was late in giving him cigarettes. The shopkeeper, too, asked “am I your slave?” So, the extremist grabbed the shopkeepers’ collar. Realizing the situation of getting punched, the shopkeeper took pre-emptive action by punching the Rakhine in advance. Therefore, the dissatisfied Rakhine together with his two other friends went volatile and vandalized the shop. Hardly did they leave anything undestroyed.

The shopkeeper went to the village administrator of Ward 4, U Nyo Tun, and lodged a complaint. The village administrator said that he would take action but no action has been taken to date” said elderly person in Maung Daw.

“Two days earlier, he (the Rakhine extremist) had robbed Kyat 900 from the same shop. There are many Rakhine gangs set up in Maung Daw to create terror on local Rohingyas and Rohingya passers-by. Of the them, two are identified as “Hitler Gang and Tiger Gang.” And Maung Chay, the said Rakhine extremist is the leader of “Hitler Gang.”

Last year, he involved in setting Muslims’ houses on fire and killing Muslims. He has absolute impunity from any crime against Rohingyas. Rakhine Police and Security Force support him. So, he can keep robbing and beating local Rohingyas” he continued.

Maung Daw Clock Tower Junction
Maung Daw Clock Tower Junction (Unknown Photo Source)

Sindhi Khan is a grassroot activist in Arakan. M.S. Anwar is an activist and writer. He can be reached at: