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Latest Reports on Than Dwe and Muslims’ Situation

Latest Reports on Than Dwe and Muslims’ Situation
July 01
03:52 2013

July 1, 2013

In An-Taw Quarter, Than Dwe (Sada) Tsp, post 10PM last night and till now, 8 Kaman Muslim’s Houses were burnt down.

Like the burning of Muslims’ houses in Akyab (Sittwe) last year, burning of the houses was not carried out by ordinary means but by Fire Launcher or Fire Bombs.

Therefore,authority is highly suspected of cooperating with Rakhine terrorists in razing Muslims’ houses.

Since yesterday, the total number of the Muslims’ houses razed has reached 14.

Around 40 Kaman Muslims got injured and of them, four are deadly serious. They are unable to get medical treatment.

Many Muslims’ houses are getting looted by Rakhine terrorists.

The imposition of Curfew Order under section 144 is preventing Muslims from defending and setting Rakhine terrorists free to cause more destruction.

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