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Latest Arakan News in Brief

25-Apr-2013  Rohingya face uncertainty, even in Muslim countriesThuriya Min

RVision News


1. Arakan- Majority of Rohingyas including the displaced ones are totally unaware of the coming cyclone storm. The weather reports say that the storm might blow from 80 miles to 100 miles per hour. It is expected to hit area between Chittagong and Arakan on Tuesday or Wednesday.

2. In last two days, around 10 Police officers including the Inspector San Htin from Maung Daw Police Station  were arrested by Special Investigation Department (SaSaSa) apparently sent from Nay Pyi Taw. These Police Officers were arrested for their high involvement in cross-border drug trade. Inter-Disunity between two Police Drug Gangs- one led by the Inspector San Htin and another led by Sub-lieutenant Aung Kyaw Khant- caused the arrests of the said Police officers.
3. Military warn both Rohingyas and Rakhines living around the village of Gawdusara, Southern Maung Daw not to go into the jungles as they  have been carrying out Battle Excercises in last three days.

4. After a week of Forced Bengalization of  Rohingyas in the villages of  Mong Dama (Maung Namma) and Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin), authority finally withdrew the process in the villages. Rohingyas in the villages scarcely participated in the fraudulent process despite mountains of threats posed against them. Similarly, in Mer Ullah (Myint Hlut), Southern Maung Daw,  the authority withdrew the process for unknown reasons even after they had successfully  Bengalized majority of Rohingyas in the village.

5. NaSaKas (Border Security Force) at the check-posts of the Mayon Khali bridge (Shikdafarar Fool) and the Shujah Fara (Shwe Za) Bridge are constantly harassing Rohingya passers by regardless of gender. It is informed that they have been killing a Rohingya every 10-days. Besides, they are raping Rohingya women by dragging them into their camps and subsequently killing them.