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Lack of Medical Service Lead a Rohingya Woman to Deliver Baby Dead

Report by Maung Thiha Kyaw, Sallam Oic Group

Written by M.S. Anwar

Sittwe (Akyab) | December 21, 2013

Today, Rohingya people in many parts of Arakan are unable to get access to livelihood, medical treatment and other basic human rights due to the blockage of Rakhine extremists. Among them, Rohingyas in the quarter of Aung Min Galar Quarter (of Sittwe-Akyab) and IDP camps in Sittwe and Pauktaw etc have been hit by a worst possible catastrophe. They are neither allowed to find food nor able to get medical treatment. Though there are plenty of INGOs willing to provide medical services to these ill-fated people, Rakhine extremists backed by the government are attempting brutally to prevent these INGOs from providing humanitarian aids to them (these vulberable people). Consequently, many men, women, children, preganant women and unborn babies are facing untimely unfortunate demises.

Such a tragic incident took place at the plot 5 in the said Aung Min Galar on 19th December 2013. A (pregnant) woman delivered her baby dead. She, Husnara (Age 33), is a better half of U Kyaw Zay Ya (age 36). People in Aung Min Galar quarter said she could have delivered her baby alive had she received medical assistance at the time of her delivery.

This is just one of untold miseries that Rohingyas are facing in Arakan today. Shown below are pcitures of the said ill-fated woman and her dead baby (at the time the burial) respectively.

The unfortunate woman that delivered her baby dead! (Photo: Sallam Oic Group)
The baby born dead at the burial.
The baby born dead at the burial. (Photo: Sallam Oic Group)