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Lack of Immediate Healthcare killed a Teenage in BaluKhali Camp

By Rohingya Vision TV| 8th November 2017

Balukhali, Cox’s Bazar: Lack of immediate healthcare killed a Rohingya teenage girl in Balukhali camp of Cox’sBazar today (8th November 2017), reports an eyewitness.

At around 9:40 AM the girl was hospitalized to nearby MSF clinic named to be Multiza after an hour of inquiry in the reception counter girl was taken in and immediately she died at 11 AM. The girl was identified to be Kobura D/O Hafez Nurul Amin hailing from Hatifara village track of Maungdaw Township.

In Balukhiali makeshift camps only 2 clinic exist, one is provided by MSF and other by BRAC. Both the clinics requires a detail biography of patients in the reception counter, where fulfilling formalities is more important than treating the patient.

In almost every Rohingya camps in Bangladesh Rohingyas are lingering with all types of healthcare services, where they require a deep inquiry before admitting in any of those clinics. Moreover even if some patients able to afford and wants to travel to large hospitals outside its very difficult to access because of the poor roads in the camps. Somehow if any patient managed to reach there they are also harassed for the lack of identity as a Rohingya.


[People waiting outside MSF clinic in Balukhali make shift camp of Bangladesh]


Almost 100, 000 Rohingyas have taken shelter in Bangladesh, where Rohingyas are still suffering for all types of human needs. In spite of all known harsh condition in these camps, Rohingyas are still forced to flee towards Bangladesh just with the hope of saving their lives.

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