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Kyauktaw: Extremist Rakhine Tortured A Rohingya to Half Dead

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 5th June 2018

Kyauktaw: A Rohingya was tortured inhumanely by a group of extremist Rakhine (Mogh) in a village of Kyuaktaw Township yesterday (4th June 2018), report sources from the area.

The victim was attacked yesterday by a set of extremist Rakhine (Mogh) in Fulbarifara Village of Kayuktaw Township, where he was extremely tortured physically. Inhumane torture left him almost to a half dead condition, due to the deep injuries all over the body.

The Rohingya was identified to be Muhammed Tayyub S/O Abdu Salam hailing from the same Fulbarifara village.

According to his family members and local villagers, Tayyub is in extreme vulnerable condition and is in need of immediate medical treatment.


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Maugh Extremist Heavily Injured An Arakanese Rohingya in Kyauktaw


Mogh (Rakhine) villagers in Kyuaktaw Township have a long history of persecuting Rohingya, even if a Rohingya passes by a Rakhine village.

Rohingya there are either tortured, robbed on daily basis or their lands are being confiscated yearly.

This is not a new incidence for few existing Rohingya in Kyauktaw Township, since decades they have been under immense persecution of Burmese Gov’t and Moghs (Rakhine) as well.


Confiscated land in Rathedaung township. File photo

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