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Kindly Suggest Solutions to the Chemical Material Used by Rakhine Extremists to Put Rohingya Homes on Fire

By M.S. Anwar

23rd March 2014

Nowadays, another usual and regular case in Maungdaw is that Rohingya houses catch fire from rooftops. It is the consequence of chemical powders used and thrown by Rakhine extremists on Rohingya houses through the use of balloons or by going to Rohingya homes in the context chicken or other stuffs. They put the chemical powders in the balloons and release in the air nearby Rohingya villages. The balloons with the chemical powders insides fall on the (Rohingya) houses. When it gets prolonged sunlight exposure, chemical reaction takes place and fire begins.

Around 100 Rohingya homes have already been razed in northern Maungdaw through such means. As usual, instead of taking actions against the actual culprits, the authority arrest and torture the helpless and innocent Rohingya men and women falsely accusing them of causing fire.

hence in this regard, rohingyas in maungdaw are extemely worried of their homes being on fire anytime. therefore, they have to stay on high alert.

They plead international community and experts to help them identify what this chemical material is and how it causes fire. How to protect homes from fire that this chemical material causes?? What could possibly be anti-chemical to this chemical material??

Please please kindly suggest below or send email to A Flying Bird Balloon. Inside the Balloon is Chemical Powder (Credit: Rafique)

A Flying Bird Balloon. Inside the Balloon is Chemical Powder (Credit: Rafique)