RVISION June 17, 2015

In Kashmir, India hundreds of people have taken to the streets to denounce the atrocities and oppression unleashed by Buddhists on the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Protest rallies and sit-ins have been held in Kashmir against the gross human rights violations committed against the Rohingyas in Myanmar. The protestors slammed the world leaders and human rights organisations for “their criminal silence in the face of the large scale massacre of the minority.”

Recent years have seen an escalation of attacks on Rohingyas in Myanmar. The violence has reportedly left hundreds of innocent  Rohingyas dead as nearly one million have been rendered homeless.

Pertinently, hundreds of Rohingya families who fled Myanmar after the outbreak of communal violence there, are living in wretched conditions in Jammu region, the winter capital of Kashmir.

While they managed to escape the horrors of death in their country, their tale of misery and helplessness continues as refugees. They are living in abject poverty in slums, which lack all the basic facilities. They say the Indian government is turning a blind eye to their misery.

Observers describe the situation of displaced Rohingya families in Jammu as horrendous. They say the rate of malnutrition among these refugees is alarming. It seems a human catastrophe is about to unfold.

The protesters condemned what they termed ‘genocide of Rohnigyas’, and called on the international community to intervene and stop the massacre.

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Source:Press TV.