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National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD)       

Democracy and Human Rights Party (DHRP)


Date:          January 10, 2014

Venue:      Democracy and Human Rights Party (HQ)                                                                              No. 116/118, 6th floor (B), Boglayzay Road, Botataung, Yangon


We would like to greet ‘Mingalabar’ to the attendees- newspaper columnists, journalists and all people who are attending this ‘joint press conference’ on behalf of two political parties such as NDPD and DHRP.

Today, we would like to clarify and explain the following contexts & facts by holding this press conference.

(1)   The two political parties: NDPD & DHRP are registered in the Union Election Commission. The main constituencies of the two parties are in Rakhine State. As political parties are the tools to communicate or bridge between people and government, the main objective, holding this press conference, is able to know people’s feelings, difficulties and basic needs to all whom it may concern in Rakhine State.

(2)   We, two parties have seen and comment to highlight some facts should be done sooner for peace, stability and peaceful co-existence in Rakhine State. They are:

(a)    To resettle those over 150, 000 people who are homeless and staying in IDPs camp to their original places.

(b)   To create a secure environment and establish socio-economic life to those people who are living in towns, villages and countryside can move freely in order to establish their socio-economic life, other than IDPs camps.

(c)    To remove hindrance for private organizations, NGOs and INGOs feel free to distributing humanitarian aids in current IDPs camp.

(d)   To create rights to health care, access to education for Muslims, including IDPs.

(3)   Due to having conflict and violence in Rakhine State, it devastated all spheres of life such as social-economic and trustworthy as well. It will have to lead to renovation and rehabilitation. It will have to renovate the lives of ethnics politically, socially and economically. The playground should be made smooth and balanced, but not one sided, bais. In accordance with law, it should not discriminate racially. It is not the age of win-lose though which creates conflicts with hatred. No lose-win game, but win-win game should be. We, two parties believe that Rakhine State would be flourished if it recognizes diversity and co-existed peacefully and lovingly as ancient time.

(4)   Here, we, two parties would like to suggest and highlight to be peace, tranquility, and peaceful co-existence in Rakhine State:

(a)    Equal rights for all ethnics should be recognized. Should not discriminate as host and guest. Those people who have been living since Mrauk-U dynasty should not be treated as guest. Those people who have already been citizens should not be downgraded their citizenship. As mentioned above Muslims are bone-fide citizens of Myanmar, they should enjoy the rights to citizenship and be given full citizenship by the Government.

(b)   Everybody has rights to choose own name. It is the basic rights of human beings. The so called 135 nationalities were not described by law in Ludtaw as names. Some has more than one name. Some has rights to change their name. Thus, Muslims in Rakhine State have rights to their name as “ROHINGYA” should be appropriate and adaptable.

(c)    The name ‘Rohingya’ mentioned in many records such as ‘legal government records, gazetteers, journals from defense department, nationalities’ languages program from BBS, Myanmar Encyclopedia, prescribed textbooks from Ministry of Education, household lists, service books, and awards rewarded’by the consecutive government has no problem, danger and worry at all. So, it should be called ‘Rohingya’ therein then as listed record.

(d)   The Union Immigration Minister invited and clarified political parties that 2014 Myanmar census, not focused on nationalities and citizenship, but on collecting exact population of races and ethnics. In this regards, it has code numbers for 135 nationalities and 13 types of foreigners’ code numbers, but the other nationalities, not included in 135 nationalities, have to put and fill the code number (914) as ‘others’. It is clear that the code number (914) would be for all ethnics, not included 135 nationalities. Over 1 million Rohingya ethnic deserve to have a separate code number and it will be known exact number of population of Rohingya, and not should mix to others. Giving a separate code number for ethnic Rohingya, it will be a win-win acceptable solution for State and people of Myanmar.


In conclusion, discrimination does not make peace and tranquility, behind discrimination would have hatred, and hatred escalates enmity. We ought to live in peaceful way by making goodwill, passion and patience. We should establish human relationship. We, two parties firmly believe to build “a political culture” in order to adapt diversity and mutual recognition each other in the Rakhine State which has multi-ethnics, multi-religions, and colorful cultures, co-existing peacefully since the past ancient time.

In accordance with joint decision by executive members of NDPD & DHRP


U MaungMaung Ni                                                      U Kyaw Min

Chairman                                                                         President

NDPD                                                                          DHRP



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