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ITM Commemorates 232nd Anniversary of the “Fall of Arakan”

Today, 28th December ITM (Ittihad Al-Tullab Al-Muslimeen) or Union of Muslim Students commemorated 232nd anniversary of “Fall of Arakan” into the hand of Burmese invaders. The Press briefing is as follows:
28th December: “ THE BLACK DAY” in the History of Arakan
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah.
It is to express with profound regret and heartfelt sorrow that, today is ‘the Black Day’ in the history of Arakan and Rohingya.  On 28th December 1784, we, the indigenous inhabitants of Arakan, lost our independent  kingdom of Arakan and its sovereignty to the Burmese occupiers. That day, a terrific massacre occurred on the Rohingya, and the Arakan region was unlawfully invaded by the Burmese King Bodapaya. In point of fact, that day the Burmese rulers sowed the seeds of a strategic plan to wipe out of Rohingya nation from their native land. Keeping its consequences, Burmese governments led several genocidal operations against Rohingya Muslims. The massacres that we have seen in 2012 and 2016 (the latest genocidal operation) are not the only evidences of the genocide on the Rohingya as it has been ongoing since 1784. Actually the issue is all about religion and the Burmese monarchs have taken the conflicts as religious war. They are very firm in their concept to completely swab up the Rohingyas from Arakan. Doubtless, the consequence of genocide is a concern of humiliation to the Rohingya Muslims. Since the Rohingya is a nation of bravery and self-determination, we would never allow cleaning out the Muslim community from Arakan. Rather, we are confident of regaining our Historical Heritage and the glory of Ruling Class to establish an unprejudiced culture to live definitely In Shaa Allah.
Since then, heartily keeping the facts, the Rohingya has been planning to recover the occupied Arkan. Consequently, Ittihad Al-Tullab Al-Muslimeen (ITM), a pioneer of Rohingya student’s organization has been founded on 5th  July, 1987 by a number of optimistic Rohingya youth students with a view to rescuing the Rohingya community and humanity from the oppression of Burmese rulers. 
Today (28/12/2016) ITM has observed the 28th  December as a mournful BLACK DAY (now 232 years since we lost the independent kingdom of Arakan ) through the activities below  -:
1.      To state the significance of Black Day of Arakan toward national and international Media.
2.      To convey the importance of this day to the well-wishers of ITM.
3.      To arrange the discussion Program centrally and in all ‘Organizational Units’ of ITM regarding the Black Day, and to commemorate  the Martyrs who laid down their sacred lives for the sake of establishing  unprejudiced society and humanity  in Arakan time to time and to pray (special Dua) for them.
4.      To share the feelings towards martyrs families and to take care of them.
5.      To pray to Allah for the rescue of the persecuted Rohingya community.
We are optimistic to regain our heritage and our native land from the hand of the cruel Burmese occupiers with Allah’s help as ‘Al-Mighty Allah forbids us to get disappointed’. For this purpose our motive should be united, co-operative, well-learned and concerned for the community.
May the Rohingya nation be blessed by Allah.
Best wishes,
Abdul Waresh Abu Sayed
Central President
Ittihad Al-Tullab Al-Muslimeen (ITM), Arakan (Burma).
Disclaimer: This is a statement released by the organization mentioned in the report. It doesn’t necessarily reflect the views of Rohingya Vision TV.