Is It Misinformation, Daw Suu?

By September 7, 2017 18:47

Is It Misinformation, Daw Suu?

Maungdaw: Recently State Counsellor has blamed fake news and misinformation over Rohingya crisis, while her silence over thousands of real news, accurate information, and footage is worsening the situation and her information committee page is full of lies and fabrications. There may be some non-Rohingya footages attributed to Rohingya crisis mistakenly, but the worst it can be about is to burn people alive. As one of the hundreds of examples of burning alive, hacking to death, shooting dead, etc. here is a video of burning a family alive.

The incident took place in the Bakka Guna Village of Maungdaw, on 2nd September 2017 (Eid al-Adha Day) at 11:00 am.  For more, please click here. Is Daw Suu disturbed by fake news or her blame is just a smart permission for military to commit more atrocities?

Actually, the military owe Suu Kyi as she has completed the task of genocide in just two years, while the military failed to do so in 70 years.

Is it fake, Daw Suu?



By September 7, 2017 18:47

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