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Innocent Youths Arbitrarily Arrested by Brutal Military

By RVision TV: 14th August, 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese military have raided the Zin Paing Nyar village of Maungdaw, where they arrested 2 Rohingya youths on 13th August, 2017, reports a suffering local.

In the incident, around 100 armed forces arrived in the village at 04:00 AM. Since early morning they started to conduct illegal checks on Rohingya houses. Hearing the situation many men left the house to save themselves from torture and arbitrary arrest.

Later military gathered the elderly people and youths in one place whom were out of their homes for daily needs as usual days. From there they arrested a few elderly locals and youths.

After patrolling all over the village by torturing Rohingya and looting their properties, they gathered all the arrestees and village admin in a separate place and conducted illegal inquiry by accusing them of being linked with the arm groups in the region.

In response to such unethical behavior, village admin confirmed their innocence and claimed to take responsibility of the local Rohingyas, as they are poor villagers starving for daily livelihood.

Moreover he appealed again and again to release his villagers as they are totally innocents. Eventually, they released the elderly people and took back the other two underage arrestees by falsely accusing them. They are identified to be:

  1. Muhammed Hashim S/O U Sharif, 17
  2. Abdu Rahaman S/O U Yousuf, 16

Daily Military raids on Rohingyas villages and their false accusation on Rohingya, clears their operations in the Region. “Their operation is to wipe off the Rohingya youth and educated persons” comments local Rohingyas in many villages.

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