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Innocent Rohingya Villagers Charged under Criminal Acts No. 505

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th August 2018

Maungdaw: The District Court of Maungdaw Township in Arakan (Rakhine) state announced that nearly 150 allegedly innocent Rohingya have been charged under Burmese criminal act of no. 505, on 26th July 2018, reports a local.

38 innocent Rohingya men from were arrested from Harvey village of Maungdaw Township on 7 November 2017. Among the total arrestees, eight of the minors and elderly were released after a few days from arrest.

The remaining thirty Rohingya were divided into two groups. The first group consists of 24 Rohingya, who were was alleged for setting fire to houses in Kyee Kan Pyin after 9th October 2016. In reality, those houses were burnt up by extremists Na-Ta-La Moghs (Rakhines) of Aung Zay Yar and Kyee Kan Pyin villages.


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Other six Rohingya were in a separate group and they were accused of attacking Kyauk Pyin Seik’s sentry post on 25th August 2017 without any evidence.

This information was told by the released eight Rohingya, who were also initially arrested with the accused groups.


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However, for the first group of Rohingya, the crimes they were alleged were not accepted in the court, as the village admin team of Kyee Kan Pyin proved their innocence with evidence.

A brother of the victim also mentioned that each Rohingya was also forced to pay 100,000 Kyats to the various authorities and government officers.

In total, a sum of 2,400,000 Kyat was extorted from the victims of the first group before their trial started in court.

These groups were once again branded as criminals in an announcement released from Maungdaw district court, under section 505 last week.

“Even after paying such a huge amount of money and proving their innocence, they are again trapped with the fabricated cases under section 505”, explains a victim’s brother in despair.


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Cruel acts like arresting Rohingya and illegally charging them under criminal acts like 505 have become a part of government forces’ campaign of crimes in Arakan (Rakhine) state. In their unjust rules from past decades, many Rohingya have lost their lives in imprisonment as a cost of staying in their ancestral land.

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