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Influenza Virus Affect Cattle at Rohingya Village in Rathedaung

By RVision Correspondent

Rathedaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — A kind of unidentified influenza virus has been affecting the cattle at a Rohingya village in Rathedaung Township since past few weeks, according to reliable reports.

Many cows, oxen and buffaloes have died due to the viral infection spreading amidst the cattle at Chinkali (Shilkali) village in Rathedaung Township since June 1.

“Three domestic oxen belong to Mv Samiuallah Mv Izhar Mean died on a single day on June1 due to an unknown flu amongst the cattle. Besides, there are many cattle affected by the viral infections. Many other have died also.

“The health department or any other concerned department has not sent any vets to cure the animals. The village administration doesn’t seem to have informed the authority either” said a local in Shilkali village.

The people are really worried because the Rohingya farmers use cattle to harrow farmlands. If the cattle keep dying due to the flu, many fear that the will be face extreme troubles in their livelihoods.

It may also affect humans” he continued.

The Rohingya people in Rahedaung are also facing the troubles as the aftermaths of the recent floods in Arakan State. The lakes and the farmlands are still filled with vast water. Besides, the river tides are also causing the problems, it has been reported.

The Rathedaung has a small Rohingya community besieged by the hostile Rakhine villages. Many Rohingya villages were uprooted during the violence in June 2012.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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