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Indonesia govt to provide shelter for Rohingya refugees in Aceh

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Indonesia govt to provide shelter for Rohingya refugees in Aceh
June 05
03:20 2015

The government will build shelters for Rohingya refugees in Aceh, according to an official, but the shelters are to be separated from local housing areas.

“The shelters will principally be localized and made separate from local people’s housing for effective supervision,” the director of international security and disarmament at the Foreign Ministry, Andi Rachmianto, said in Jakarta on Thursday.

He said keeping shelters separate from housing areas would ensure effective supervision, as the refugees had no identity cards and some of them were suffering diseases that could be transmitted to local people.

The people of the province, he went on, had welcomed the refugees enthusiastically and donated money to help them. reported that the refugees would be allowed to stay in the shelters for one year and that the government would also provide educational assistance for school-age refugees, as well as help reunite separated family members.

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