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In Demand of Ethnic Recognition as Rohingya, a Silent Protest was held at Makeshift Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV correspondents | 27th November 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: A Silent protest was observed in demand of their ethnic identity as “Rohingya” in UNHCR provided smart cards and to end sharing their family data with the Burmese government in makeshift camps of Cox’s Bazaar yesterday (27th November 2018), report a Rohingya protester.

While observing the silent protest common Rohingya showed their unity by shutting off the shops, businesses, day to day activities, along with Rohingya working in the INGO’s by intentionally escaping their working hours.

[UNHCR provide Smart cards (left) and Collection if Bio-data (right). Image: RVISION TV]

According to a statement released prior to the protest, it stated that “the term ‘Rohingya’ is very important because we have been persecuted because of our ethnicity. The term was banned in Myanmar, it should not be banned here”.

 Press Release of the Silent Protest held yesterday at makeshift camps.

The Demands of the protest are as follow:

  1. Must stop forcing Rohingya refugees to take the Smart Cards that is provided by UNHCR.
  2. Must stop barricading Rohingya inside Camp 21 due to their refusal of accepting the Smart Cards.
  3. Must Include our Ethnic name “Rohingya” on the Smart Crads, not just ‘Forcibly Displace Myanmar Nationals’.
  4. Stop the collection of our biodata and do not share bio-data already collected with Myanmar government

Earlier several other protests were held in different makeshift camps in denial of accepting the Smart Cards and sharing of their bio-data.

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Since the campaign of the Smart Cards started, several cases of torture, abuse and threatening were reported from the camps in enforcing it.

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Since late 2016, 1.3 million Rohingya are living an inhumane life after fleeing a deadly genocidal operation on them. Their suffering seems to further worsen for the issues of the Smart Cards and the collection of the bio-data, which is creating a fearful and frustrated environment for the genocide survivors.

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