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Illegal BGP Camps Plan Over Rohingya’s Ancestral Farmlands

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 7th November 2017

Buthidauing: Leuin Thein (Security Forces), Border guard Police (BGP) along with authorities from land listing department preyed on 332 Acres of Rohingyas farmland in villages of Buthidaung and dug their flag illegally on those ancestral Rohingyas land on 5th November 2017, reports sources.

Leuin Thein (Security Forces) of 13/1 camp, Border Guard Police (BGP) of Yaung Chaung along with authorities from land listing department arrived in Allichuang village and eyed on 332 acres of Rohingyas farmlands to build their camps illegally.

Earlier they arrived on 15th November and set their eyes on those and planned to build their camps since then. Now after completing their illegal plan they came again and dug their flags on those lands. “These lands belongs to us ancestrally now they are gabbing from us and we are very helpless from all sides” says one of the owner.

The vast farmlands are about 332 acres where from east side it connects to the road of Annomong, west connects to the Mayu hills, South reaches till Ki Soung Maung village and North connects till Myaung Nah village. This huge area of land entirely belongs to Rohingyas and it is seen that they can no longer claim their ancestral lands ever.

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