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Hundreds Internally Displaced Rohingyas Face Food Crisis in Rathedaung

Hundreds of internally displaced Rohingyas in Rathedaung Township are facing severe shortage of food crisis, says an reliable source

By RVision Correspondent

RVision TV News

Rathedaung – The World Food Program (WFP) cut off providing food rations to the Rohingyas at the internally displaced people (IDP) camps at ‘Attet Nanya’ village in post June 2016, leading them to the verge of starvation.

The camps currently comprise 314 families with 1380 people including men, women and children. Besides, their access to livelihoods have been denied by the authorities and the Rakhine (Magh) extremists.

The displaced people currently forced to live at ‘Attet Nanya’ IDP camps in ‘Zaydi Pyin’ village tract are originally from ‘Sou Frang (Pan Ga’ing)’ village in Rathedaung Township. Their village was brutally attacked by hundreds of the armed Rakhine extremists with the support of Burmese (Myanmar) armed forces on the night of 13th June 2012.

Two people were killed and all of them were driven out from the village and so they sought refuge at ‘Kwa Chaung’ village of ‘Thawan Chaung (Bossaraa)’ village tract in southern Maungdaw. And their homes, farmlands and properties were confiscated by the authorities and given over to the nearby Rakhine people. Since then, the Rohingya people have never been allowed to cultivate their own farmlands.

Later, the government shifted them to the mentioned ‘Attet Nanya’ camps, where they have been in squalid condition in wet and fragile tents/camps. And the WFP used to provide them rations until June 2016.

Now, we are deprived of our rights to livelihoods such as cultivating our own farmlands and fishing in the river and with WFP pulling out from providing us rations, we are in a total abandoned situation and on the verge of starvation.

We request our Rohingya brothers and sisters abroad, the humanitarian NGOs and the international community to come forward to help us with humanitarian aids and an alternative means for our long-term survival.

Else, we are going to face a catastrophe soon. We really need your help said an elderly displaced Rohingya at ‘Attet Nanya’ IDP camps.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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