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Humanitarian Delegates Pay Visit to Myebon IDP Camps

By Saeed Arakani : Sittwe (Akyab)

(Rohingya Vision) — A team comprising delegates from three different humanitarian orgaizations such as United Nation Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs-UNOCHA, Danish Refugee Council-DRC and Relief International-RI paid a visit to the camps of Internally Displaced People Camps in Myebon Township yesterday morning, according to the reliable sources.

The delegation that arrived at the Rohingya IDP Camps around 09:00AM met with the displaced Rohingya people. Having looked around the whole camps-areas, they left the place at around 10:00AM of the day.

During the meeting with the delegation,the camp committee explained their crises and appealed them as mentioned below,

“Dear all,

1.We have been living in Myebon township under the strict control of govt for many years.
2.We have been blocked in the camps and losing our rights to education, healthcare, freedom of movement, freedom and etc since the violence started in Myebon (more than three years a go).
3. The shelters which we are currently living in have broken down and we have to live in small rooms not spacious enough for a family to live together in.So, many people, especially children, are having many kinds of disease as we have to live in dirty rooms.
So we need to be settled back to our original places and live together with diffrent groups of people peacefully.
We are wooried for the future of our generations as they are not having any rights to education.So we need to have equal rights under the same ‘law and order.’
We need our religious bulidings/structures to be under the management of government without any restrictions.
Briefly,we need our lost rights back, to be treated equally, freedom of movement, to be settled back to our original places/lands, rights to education right, rights to healthcare and so on.”

IDPs of Myebon camp.

In reply, then the delegation team said and promised, “we know your situation and we wont leave you in this situation. We will definitely help you.”

Delegates from UNOCHA
(1.Mr.John Ging,Director of UNOCHA,Iresh
2. Ross Ateward Monrad Mountain,Consultant of UNOCHA,Newzealand
3.Mark Cutts, Head of Office UNOCHA,UK
4.Christoher Carter,Rakhine State Senior Advisor UNOCHA,Newzealand
5.Edem Wosomu,Cheief of Asian and the Pacific Section UNOCHA,Ghana
6.Glanluca Salone,Head of Sub-Office,UNOCHA,Italian
7.Pablo Barrera Cruz,Head of Developmen Coordenation Cluster,UNOCHA,Spanish
8.Elizabeth Jennings,Special Assistant to Director,UNOCHA,USA
9.Pierre Peron,Public Information Officer,UNOCHA,French
10. Dr. Sithu Pe Thein,Snr Humanitarian Affair Specialist,UNOCHA,Myanmar
11.Zaw Zaw,National Coordination Officer,UNOCHA,Myanmar
12.Zaw Minn Htet,Field Coordination Officer,UNOCHA,Myanmar

Delegates from DRC
1.Veronica Adele Castarelli,CCCM Project Coordenator,DRC,Italian
2. May Tinzar Htun,Community Participation Officer,Myanmar

Delegates from RI
1.Trisha Bury,Head of Rakhine Response,USA
2. Matthew Newton,Consultant ECHO,UK

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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