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Human Trafficking Disasters: 37 Rohingya Corpses Buried at Thai-Malay Border

By M.S. Anwar ׀ Kota Bharu

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Around 37 Rohingya dead bodies were buried in a mass grave along Thai-Malay Border, whom an escape victim says had been held as human traffickers in the region.

The mass grave is said to be at a place inside the jungle of Kampong Badang in Kelantan, the northern state of Malaysia, around 27 km inside from Thai Border. According to the escaped victim, the people died due to extremely bad circumstances such as pneumonia, tortures by human traffickers, starvation and so on.

The victim who identifies to be “N,” said “around 37 people died. They (the human traffickers) forced us to dig graves for the corpses while they were looking on. They have weapons in their hands. They died likely because of fever, cold and moisturous weather, tortures and the lack of food.

There were around five women, two children and the rest men. It was about a month ago.”

When asked what place it could be and how he has escaped, he said “my relatives in Malaysia gave the ransom money to the human traffickers and so, I was released. I now have come to know that the place is called Kampong Badang in Kelantan.”

He further elaborated that both Rohingyas and Thais are working as human traffickers.

“They (the human trafficking agents in Arakan) said that we would have a very peaceful and good life if we came to Malaysia. They said it would not cost us much. We would not have to suffer too much the Myanmar government. So, we got on the boats from Arakan and arrived in Thailand.

[row][double_paragraph]There were around 400 people on our boat. As soon as we have arrived at the Thai coast, they separated and divided the people and each group of the traffickers held around 100 people. Then, they started beating, torturing and starving us. There were some half-built shelters in the jungles.[/double_paragraph][double_paragraph][blockquote style=”1″]Every night, we used to hear the voices of the screaming women because they were gang-raped by the human traffickers. But we were helpless”[/blockquote][/double_paragraph] [/row]

When it rained, the situation used to become extremely bad. People were vulnerable and frequently fell sick.

Besides, every night, we used to hear the voices of the screaming women because they were gang-raped by the human traffickers. But we were helpless” he added.

The concerned authorities have been informed about the mass grave and they are said to have been taking care of the matter.

Unfortunately, Myanmar’s government cooperates with human traffickers and smoothens their ways to lure the Rohingya people all over Arakan state of Myanmar. Since recently, the exodus of Rohingyas by boats has increased at alarming rate as the people can see nothing due to the extreme persecutions by the Myanmar’s regime.

By using some greedy and selfish Rohingyas as human traffickers, the government has created a situation of self-destruction among Rohingya community. Nonetheless, the international government bodies and international communities are still turning blind eye to the catastrophe.

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