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Horrors of Burmese Jail Unveiled by a Rohingya Detainee

By Rohingya Vision TV correspondents | 25th March 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: Few Rohingya detainees were released recently in Maungdaw Township, whom were arbitrarily arrested in mass arrest conducted in genocidal operation of November 2017.

In November 2017, a mass arrest was conducted in villages of northern Maungdaw and that operation was also conducted in Zammonia village as well. In that incidence, Rohingya from children to elderly were arrested in a mass scale and were sent to Buthidaung prison later without any trial.

Among the detainees, one of the elderly detainee was identified to be Oil Ahmed and was released last week. Despite of his release, he could not return to his village, as nothing remains in his village accept bulldozed plain farmlands, whom authorities have confiscated and are under illegal construction now.

 “I do not know why we were arrested, they simply arrested us. In both jail and Buthidaung detention, we were treated like animals without food and drink. They tortured us severely along with other hundreds of innocent Rohingya, whom are still there. I believe they will die soon in those inhumane condition” Oil Ahmed explained, after he was forced to move to a makeshift camp in Bangladesh.

He further added” I still have 2 of my brothers and 3 of my sons in detention of Buthidaung, with those criminal Burmese police, and I fear for their lives day and night”.

Oil Ahmed is in a makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, lingering with illness and uncertain future of his family along with other 800, 000 Rohingya in similar condition.

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