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Hlun Htein (Security Force) and their Continuous Atrocities against Rohingyas

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

Maung Daw, Arakan

September 19, 2013

1- Maung Daw Township Administrator have ordered that at least five to six Rohingyas must do the the duty of Security at night. Therefore, there must be sentry posts in every Rohingya village.

On 14th September 2013 night, 20 Rohingyas were serving sentry duty at different posts at the village of Thula Oo, southern Maung Daw. Meanwhile, Hlun Htein (Security Force) (from Thula Oo Camp) went to the said sentry posts and torured the Rohingyas saying “why did you light your torches while we were coming?”. And then, Hlun Htein extorted Kyat 7,000 from each of them. “If we don’t use torch, then how are we going to give security to the villages? This is the last excuse that Hlun Htein can give to torture us” said one of them.

Of the 20 people, Noor Kabir S/o Sirazul Islam was so severely beaten up by the security force that he can’t move a bit now.

2- On 10th September 2013, Police, Hlun Htein (Security Force), some Rakhine extremists and other collaborators raided the house of Omar Hakim S/o Muhabbat Ali (in the village of ByuHamuu of HaisshuRata (AlayThanKyaw) village tract, southern Maung Daw) under the banner of Guest List Check. Omar Hakim ran away fearing the tortures by the security force and police. Then, the security force and police beat his wife and robbed jewelries and money in the house. They attempted to rape their daughter. So, the wife shouted out for help. When the neighbors came for rescue, they fled.

On the following day, the same group of Police and Security Force raided many houses in the Maidani Fara of AlayThanKyaw village tract under Guest List Check. During the raid, they vandalized many household properties.

Alay Than Kyaw, Maung Daw Township [Photo: Google Map]
Alay Than Kyaw, Maung Daw Township [Photo: Google Map]