Hindu Leader: Wirathu Entices Hindus to Convert to Buddhism

By October 14, 2017 18:38

Hindu Leader: Wirathu Entices Hindus to Convert to Buddhism

Sittwe: Exploiting the sufferings of Hindus from the conflict-torn northern Rakhine and the sympathy shown to them by the Buddhist community following the military operation, notorious inflammatory firebrand Buddhist monk Wirathu entices them to convert to Buddhism, according to R. Kumar, a Hindu community leader from Rakhine state.

“In a special informal meeting with Hindu community leaders in Sittwe, he has promised us of a bright future in Myanmar, if we convert to Buddhism.” says Kumar, adding “In the beginning of his words, it was tempting invitation, but at the end he has changed the tone into threatening style saying that Burma belongs to Buddhists only”.

Kumar said in an angry mode that Wirathu tried to persuade them saying “Buddhism is an updated version Hinduism”.

However, Kumar firmly believes that nothing is, to him, comparable to his Sanatan Dharm (meaning Hinduism), and has affirmed that he won’t leave his ancestral faith at any cost, though some attendees’ facial features responded to Wirathu’s temptation positively, as he mentioned.

When he was asked about the reality of the alleged massacre of Hindus in Northern Maungdaw, the narration mentioned by him contradicts that of military, and he said, “the secret behind local consolation to Hindu victims, if they really are, was the whispered offer brought to us by Wirathu. If they really love us why do they call us ‘Kala’?”

The icon of Buddhist hatred and terror Wirathu has recently visited Arakan state where he met both Buddhist and Hindu communities.

According to Irrawaddy Wirathu and local monks donated 1.8 million kyats to displaced people (non-Rohingya) from Maungdaw who have sought refuge in some monasteries.

Wirathu was behind the proposal and passage of controversial “protection of race and religion laws” in 2013 and the following years, and he is very active in Buddhization – reportedly many non-Buddhists declared adoption of Buddhism at his hand.

Perhaps Wirathu is one of the pioneers of contemporary Buddhist extremism who forced the world to rethink the phrase ‘Buddhism of peace’ differently.



By October 14, 2017 18:38

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