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High Alert: Pending Rakhine Terrorism and Massacre of Muslims in Than Dwe

High Alert: Pending Rakhine Terrorism and Massacre of Muslims in Than Dwe
August 25
03:00 2013

M.S. Anwar

RvisionTV News

August 25, 2013

Than Dwe, Arakan– On 23rd August 2013, some 969-inspired-Rakhine extremists made an announcement in Than Dwe Township. They urged Rakhine people to stick 969 stickers and flags of Buddhist Sarsana (Religion) to each and every house of Rakhines in the township. Leaked reports from Buddhist internal source in the township revealed that Rakhine extremists are going to carry out another round of terrorism, massacre of Muslims and burn down their homes.

“The reason why they have urged Rakhines to stick 969 stickers and (Buddhist) religion flags to their houses is to differentiate houses of Muslims from that of Rakhines during pending terrorist attacks against Muslims. It represents the style used by Nazi Propaganda minister, Dr. Gobbel, to differeniate the houses of Germans from that of Jews. During 1934 in Germany, he urged Germans to use “Red Swastika Symbol (Cross)” in their houses and forced Jews to use the symbol of David in theirs. Now, a similar situation is being seen here” said an elderly Muslim in Than Dwe.

It has also been reported that the government is also supporting the activities by the 969 gangs. Muslims fear of pending violence and massacre against them. It may likely to happen in a few days to come.

Muslims in Than Dwe plead international government bodies and international community to pressure Myanmar government to head off this pending violence.

(Most of the Muslims in Than Dwe are of Kaman ethnic origin.)



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