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Hidden Dots Part 2 : 360 with MD Noor on Rohingya Genocide

Analysis by MD NOOR

In our first episode we explained about what are the plan and policies of the Mough ?

What they want from Rohingya?

In this episode we are going to talk about the root causes and why Arakan is in this state today?

Is it coincidence or pre-planned?

Is it for being a muslim nation or being as a Rohingya?

Today we will try to look into Myanmar with variant angle.

Like what is Burma?

Who and how are the residence of it?

From where they came?

What are the resources Myanmar poses?

How much of it does Arakan poses?

What’s the importance of Arakan?

What’s the structure of Myanmar?

Whats are its political plan,policies and strategy?

According to the modern name,there’s a state in China known as Unang and the country Tibet,which together was a dynasty known as NaChaung Dynasty.This Dynasty was ruled by a Chinese cruel king,where people were in great torture and pain.There was a tradition of slaughtering of human being every year.So due to the fear and to save their life some people started migrating to a place known as Myanmar today in the 6th and 7th century.Where at that time two groups lived known as piyu and mough.With the flow of time this nation started getting well organized and adapted with  the other two groups within next 100-200 years and they started building new new cities.

After getting mixed with piyu and mough they became diverted in two direction.One of the group went in the direction of Arakan and the other group was in the central Burma.Than the group in the central region started wiping out the piyu by attacking,wars,etc.

In the 9th century they started their civilization which is known as Burmese.Than they started building further cities in the next 100-200 years.In 1044th they formed a formal dynasty known as the Pagan dynasty which was founded by Anu radha a hindu King,who later became a Buddhist.Where he ruled for many years and this dynasty lasted till the sixteen century.Following that on 16th century Taungoo dynasty was formed and ruled by Baiyee Naung for some years.

On 17th century Konboung Dynasty was formed by Alo menthia,whose grandson was Budha Phiya.Who invaded and captured Arakan in 1784.Now lets talk about the group that went to Arakan.

On 950,where it was in a form of Vhaisali dynasty. Before 100-200 years on 788,some Arab sailors reached their by some incidence on sea.Their they started spreading Islam where Buddhism and Hinduism was the main religion, before the migration of the group towards Arakan.

When these two religion were fading due to the spread of Islam.The group which reached Arakan in 950thcentury started to finish the Vishali dynasty.And they wanted to bring back the Buddhist religion,so the dynasty was unstable.Finally Mrauk U Dynasty was formed in 1431th century.Which was ruled by Mough who arrived in the 950th century.Which clearly indicates that muslims have reached before the approach of Mough  in 788th century in Arakan.The Buddhism in the Arakan was quite different from the Buddhism of this group who arrived.

The people who were already in Arakan even before the spread of Islam was Indoarian and their religion was mainly Hinduism and Buddhism.Who were the ancesters of Rohingya.So  Rohingyas whom are blamed as foreigners are the origin of Arakan before the Mough even arrived there in 950.Here we have tried to explain the origin of mough,Burmese  and Rohingyas briefly.Which clearly indicates that Rohingyas are the original ancestral nation of Arakan.

After explaining the historical angle of the Rohingyas and Mough and Burmese,its time to look forward to the resources of Arakan.

What Myanmar military junta wants from Rohingyas and mough?

And what they want from Arakan?

why these Rohingyas people who are the origin of Arakan, are so much persecuted in their own ancestral land?

Is this fight for land or for racism of being dark and fair?

Or for resources it poses?

And to do the ongoing persecution needs money,effort and serious plans.

So why are they investing so much effort on this Arakan?

Or does it belong to them?

What is the importance of it?

In order to understand all these situation we now lets look at Arakan in detail.

Myanmar is one of the virgin land,which is full of resources.In depth if we look at resources it has 2 million tonne of coals,447 t.c.f cubic feet of gas,which can not only feed the country but can be exported too.For which many countries and companies are in thirst.

The area of Arakan 14200 sqm, which is equal to area of countries Qatar,Kuwait,Bahrain,Singapore and Brunai all together itself.These are among the rich and developed  countries  in the world.The resources they have all toagther only Arakan itself has more than all of them.Arakan has four major rivers:Naf,Mayyu,Kaladan and Lemro.According to relaibale reports of some renowned scientific figures these four rivers has the capacity to produce 100,000 MegaWatt of electricity.In Arakan if we have 1 million of population,who uses all modern electronics and machinery even than only 10 MegaWatt is needed.So from the total electricity production on 10% is needed for itself .Other 90% can be used for the other 4-5 states of Myanmar.Phuimali the water fall in Bhuthidaung,Arakan alone also have the same capacity as these rivers to produce electricity.Now in Myanmar 10-20% of population have electricity.So we can easily do business of Billions of dollars if we implement these projects.

Our another resources is the coal,which is useful  in producing electricity,running  heavy industries,etc.From 2 million tonne of coal  in Myanmar only 1\4th is in the land of Arakan itself.Which can be utilized to do business of Billions of dollars.If we see Arakan Geographically its can be divided into two parts.One part is connected to the sea and the other to the forest.The forest part is suitable for agriculture of different products such as rice,jute,etc.

According to scientific calculation 19 million tonne of rice can be produced from Burma.Among the total 5-6 million tonne of rice can be produced from Arakan alone.Which is not only capable to feed itself and export to other countries as well.Not only rice but many other agricultural goods as well can be produced from Arakan in a large scale.

The area of Arakan which is connected to the sea is 350 miles.At  present we just have one port which is in Akyab.But this huge Area indicates that there can at least 4 large port which can be buiid in this area.According to seismic and microwave studies on Arakan’s  gas and oil field,it  have already identified 15 blocks onshore  and 15 blocks offshore in different parts of Arakan.At present only block A1 and A3 have been in the extraction process in contract with China.Where Burma is getting 1 billion USD per block yearly  for continuous 30 years in utilizing just these 2 blocks IN THE NAME OF SHEW GAS PROJECT.Now the question arises why China is so much in hunger of Myanmar’s resources,especially Arakan.Lets go in depth of the Shew gas project in Arakan at present.


Burma at present is in among the hot zone in terms of resources,where oil and gas fields are being identified and still on further chances of identifying more and more.Khyuk piyu is the initial place in Arakan where gas extraction process began in 2012 In contract with China.Although it was on the discussion table with India from long back.At the end it was finalized with China for interest of the ruling military junta of Myanmar.

The two powers China and India,where half of the world’s population survive needs resources in huge amounts for the development and need of their own country and nation.And gas and petrol are in high demand for these developing countries.Which China mainly imports from Africa and Arab countries,where their ship has to travel through Indian ocean via strait of Malaka,Singapore and many small countries to reach China.A journey of 6000 miles,which requires more money and time.Not only that while crossing Singapore and Philipine,which have American Naval bases interrupts in their sea journey.

In order to overcome these difficulties they have been trying to convince Myanmar for Block A1 and A3,to extract gas and oil and connect through a pipeline till China across Arakan.And they have been successful in the name of Shew Gas Project,which reduced their journey to 3500 miles from 6000 miles.And finally got rid even from the American Naval bases.Which have further tighten the tensions between China and America.So America now got more interested in controlling and influencing over Arakan and Myanmar government.

Firstly this pipeline not only decreased the sea journey of Chinese ships but,can be used to transport oil which are exported from Africa and Arab countries via Akyab port.Secondly its getting the entire extracted gas from Blocks  A1 and A3 safely and with a cheaper price than other countries.

To construct this pipeline China have invested millions of dollars.So in assurance of security of this pipeline they demanded military involvement on this region to safeguard their project.So to serve their selfish project Burmese junta implemented an abusive and destructive policy.Which can be seen if we observe carefully the state sponsored violence on Arakan in 2012.We can see that those places are demolished totally and people over there are persecuted in a severe way in the name of communal violence.The main objective of this persecution is to send Military in these areas to safeguard their materialistic project of pipeline.Where thousands of innocent had to lose their lives,property and finally became displaced in their own mother land.

If we move further in the resources of Arakan we can see many more,where gemstone are one of them.In the category of stones diamond,rubbies,gade,pearls and saphite are mainly in large amounts found in Arakan.Which are in great demands in international markets.From where Myanmar can earn billions of dollars.Kuwait is one of the best example where they are earning millions of dollars through the business of pearls mainly.

As we have mentioned earlier many agricultural goods can be produced and available  in large amounts.Bamboo in one of them,which is utilized and in  high demand around the world and within country as well.Another category is the timber,which is also in great demand  around the world for making furniture,paper,etc.And it’s a source of  doing a multi-million dollar business around the world and within itself.Arakan is a source of rubber ,timber and many other agricultural products and many more goods which are found on the land of Arakan itself alone beside natural resources like oil gsa,etc.Similarly in the water bodies of  Arakan  we a huge variety and amount of sea food ,which can be utilized within itself and exported to all around the world with a potential of huge business of millions of dollars.

If we view the life of the people of Arakan only 10% of people have city life,which indicates the other 90% are deprived of all the facilities and in need of it.So not only billion ,trillion of dollars business can be achieved, if we plan to build the infrastructure in Arakan like  school,hospital,playground,buildings,shopping mall,etc.Which is another source of business in which even other countries will be profitable if these infrastructure are build.Not only that if these people are provided with satellite and tale-communication service millions of dollars can be achieved.Where already many companies are looking forward to start a profitable business with Arakan,its  resources and opportunities.

Beside all the above the location and the natural element of Arakan  provide a huge possibility of tourism as there are many natural and beautiful places like island,jungle,water fall ,and historic places of Mourao dynasty,etc. Following that all these can be utilized to earn million dollar business for Arakan.Which will make it economically strong and will create opportunities for the people of Arakan. Not only that the plan of palm resort which in many countries have been planned and constructed are naturally available on the land of Arakan especially in Akyab and Maugdaw.Where it can be developed easily with a very minor construction and development with a cheaper amount than the other countries whom are investing billions of dollars.

Lets look at the policy of the Burmese junta.

How they are controlling these resources?

How we Rohingyas became a weapon?

How they are able to operate a genocide?

How are we Rohingyas trapped and persecuted?

And how they are successful today in  their self-centered aims?

Beside controlling the people and resources of Arakan,its also controlling the resources and people of other states.To understand that how these are controlled,planned,and implemented politics of Myanmar should be understood.We should go in sequences and categorization of their politics.

After the time of independence of Burma from Britain,Most of the time it has been under dictatorship .Which is the first and main root cause of the consequences of today.This  is how these resources are being controlled,used for their personal benefits and to manage the level of wealth of public.Eventually their final goal is to long last their dictatorship in Myanmar.According to some renowned analyst,if we calculate and divide the resources of the whole Myanmar all the public will have a balanced and stable economy.

As we know the root cause now the”Dictatorship“,which is responsible for of this.Its mainly the Burmese military junta,who has been given back up and support from China.As China needs Myanmar for its own benefits and purposes.Beside China even Russia is also supporting this military junta for their own interests.

Moving towards the in depth of Burmese military.We will look towards  the power ,strength and capability of this huge military.Behind whom Even Israel is also supporting them.Its strange to know that although geographically Myanmar is too far away from them.Myanmar is the third country who recognized Israel as a country who have forcefully undertaken  the land of Palestine from its people.From than onwards both Myanmar and Israel shares a deep tie between them.Especially between the intelligents and military operations.

They have realized that if they continue this dictatorship they cannot become economically strong.As no powerful companies or countries will invest on them.Keeping this in mind they have made a political wing of itself known as USDP.So that they again overtake in the form of a political party with their same policy to continue further.

If we look at the parliament of Myanmar,where 25% of seats  is already reserved for armies without any  negotiation or argument.And the rest for civilians,according to the constitution.From the rest 75% seat already 55% is USDPs alone.So they have a huge impact on the decision of parliament.As 55%of them are also military without their uniform in the form of a political party and other 25% are formally occupying the seats.Similarly at the time of Aung Sang in 1990 another party was formed in the name of NUP who were also military in civil dress.

According to the constitution of Myanmar to pass any law 76%of the Parliament should vote.Now the question arises even if the 75% of the parliament is convinced to pass any law about any crises.Still more 1% of vote is needed to pass ,which is in the hand of military.Eventually the power is in the hand of military.Whom can and are acting as a decision maker in the parliament till today.So we do not see or hope for any changes of this military junta even in the form of a democratic government.Its like crossing the same river with different vehicle,where their destination is fixed and secured in both the forms.This parliament  is in the form of a show piece in front of the world.Finally no hope of democracy is seen for the people of Myanmar.

Similarly if we see the laws in Myanmar we can see that if any part is in unrest in Myanmar military can be sent over their.But without any consequences military cannot be sent.So this government followed its plan to control Arakan by a state sponsored violence.

Lets move further detail in military structure.From Myanmar’s total budget 60-70% is invested on military itself.They are able to handover this much huge amount as geographically Myanmar is surrounded by four borders.So in the name of protection,security and military operation for different rival groups they are quite successful in capturing this huge amount very easily.According to the report of 2000 they have an army of 4 lakh.In which they have different groups of battalion for different states trained in a required way for the states. Among the facilities and services  of the Burmese Army ,around 14 hospital has been built to provide medical facilities to them and their families,7 training center, and 11 schools for military courses.

If we look further, right now Myanmar have 13 point under  RMC(regional Military Command) as BSO(Biro of special operation),6  ROC (Regional operating command),20 MOC(Military operating command)where one air born  is made to keep the military aircrafts ,10 LID(Lied  inferior divisions),10 AOC(Amide operating command) tanks like  IFA and APS.For the storage of military weapons they have 113 Artillary fields around Myanmar.

For their services and security 40 military affair companies(MS)are working .45 ASB(Advanced Signal Battalions)are working with the help of 100 radar in 40 different location who keeps the track of Ship movement and other ocean and sea border security purposes. For military engineering in wars they have around 45 battalion Field Engineering Battalions (FEB).

For their further development in Military they have already started buying advanced military equipment like battle tank,carrier,Air missile,anti-rocket missile,rocket launcher, stall ton ,etc  mainly from China,Russia,Ukrain,UK,India,Brazil ,Israel,South & North Korea,Sweden and many more countries.Their are many more departments in military like Air force,Navy,Military Intelligent(MI),etc

Another important angle of Myanmar is Aung Sang Suki.Leader of NLD(National League for Democracy).Who is running for democracy and anti-dictatorship in Burma.Like USDP getting backup from China,NLD too gets backup from USA in this movement to democracy.But unfortunately they have not yet being successful.

As we mentioned the corrupted system of Myanmar’s parliament earlier.It is understood that no Law can be passed out in the favor of democracy.To understand  briefly why USA needs to fund NLD?Its very obvious that where China gets involved America too needs to put their fragrance.As both are rivals of each other in their race of superpower.

In 1990 election where Aung  Sang Suki participated in the election NLD had representative from Arakan known as MP Fazal,AFK Jilani and many more Rohingyas who have spent their  lifetime, money on NLD.Unfortunately today she denies to recognize Rohingyas  and address it as an immigration problem,inorder to sustain the support from the major Buddhist community.

Again if we look at parliament Mogh have 8 seats and NLD have only 4 seats who are mobilizing the whole world for democracy.So it is understood that  mough alone is too powerful than NLD.Finally as we mentioned earliar to control and snatch the resources from Arakan  they are fully implementing the Genocide to wipe out the Rohingyas forever,to whom all these belongs.

Another political party is 88 generation,who have two main leaders:Kokoji and Min ku Naig.Kokoji publically abuses Rohingyas and  doesn’t leave any chance to degrade Rohingyas.And another leader Min ku Naig remains silence in the matter of Rohingyas.They are mostly in the favour of Mough.Similarly this party is also funded by USA and many other organizations.

Myanmar’s final target is to mix all the different groups of religion and culture,so that all comes in the same sequences of Burmese culture and religion.Inorder to keep control over whole Myanmar and its resources,we Rohingyas became a barrier for them as our culture,religion,and tradition is different.And they fear that we might be a thorn in their way to control the region,Following that they followed a systemic plan of ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas for their own selfish and self-centered aim.

Finally,when all the countries are interested in coming and investing in Arakan,but we Rohingyas are forced to leave our own ancestral land .It is very clearly seen how we are victimized by their plan,how we are forced to leave our land to flee their extreme  persecution.And its very heart breaking to see how day by day we being displaced all over the world in the land of dark future and present.Unfortunately inside and outside Arakan life of Rohingyas became a nightmare.Which will  be faced for many upcoming generations,if remained unsolved immediately-Rohingya Genocide.

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