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Heart-Wrenching Plight of a Malaria-Infected 8-Month-Old Rohingya Baby

By SR Sittwe | Sittwe (Akyab) Township, Arakan State

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sayed noor
8-month old Sayed Noor is suffering from Malaria and there is no hospital for his treatment. (Photo: SR Sittwe)

He is Sayed Noor, an 8-month-old Rohingya baby, suffering from Malaria and other diseases. His parents are U Sayed Hussain (father) and Daw Bibi Jaan (mother), locals of Bumay Block No.8, Sittwe (Akyab) township. He was admitted to the hospital of Depaing four days ago. There is no required facilities available in that hospital the treat the baby. Besides, there is no foreign aid workers there.

A Doctor asked the parents to get him admitted to Sittwe General Hospital. However, the parents are afraid of taking him to the said hospital because doctors and nurses at the (sittwe) hospital kill Rohingya patients instead of saving their lives. There have been several Rohingya people brutally killed by the doctors and the nurses. The latest case took place two days ago.

Now, the baby is struggling with the diseases. A bad destiny is likely awaiting him! This case is not only the case. It is, in fact, one of of the many heart-wrenching cases. What is it if not the slow-burning genocide of Rohingyas?

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