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Harvesting Own Cultivated Crops became A Crime in Arakan

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th November 2017

Maungdaw – Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) and Military illegally arrested 20 Rohingyas for harvesting their own cultivated crops and burnt few remaining Rohingya houses in different villages of Northern Maungdaw on 11th November, 2017 reports sources.

At 12 PM a joint group of around 100 Military and BGP arrived in the village of Du Shi Yar Den and burnt 5 Rohingya houses from the remaing 20 houses in the village. The village was entirely blazed in late September, 2017 and was under massive attack after 2012 state sponsopred violence as well.

Later the same group arrived in the village of Nyaung Pin Gyi and arbitrarily arrested 20 Rohingyas while harvesting their own crops from their paddy fields.

Aung Sang Suu Kyi’s so called democratic government made inhumane activities such as burning and wiping the remaining Rohingya houses a very common crime and civillians harvesting their own crops becomes criminals in their own land.

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