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Halting Livelihood For NVC Made Rohingya Children Starve to Death

By Rohingya Vision TV | 16th October 2017

Akyab: Rohingya children along with entire villagers of Misiridael are made to starve by halting all forms of livelihood for not accepting the illegal National Verification Card (NVC) by the authorities in Misiridael (Lat Tha May) Village of Akyab (Sitwe) Township, reports sources today.

Authorities in Akyab (Sitwe) have gathered all local fisherman, farmer and shopkeepers in Misiridael (Lat Tha May) and forced them to accept NVC to peruse their all forms of livelihood. And immediately halted all as they rejected NVC.

The village contains of 400 families residing there and all are starving for a daily meal now. Especially children and elderly are starving to death, where many children are already reported to be dead.

To safeguard the lives of the children villagers decided to make rice porridge with the remaining rations and distributed them among children in the village. “We are starving for almost 3 days now and many children died already. To save the remaining children we decided to take this step” explains a victim.

National Verification Card (NVC) is issued to a foreigner for verification while he/she is applying for citizenship in Burma (Myanmar). And forcing these to the native Rohingyas will make them officially stateless in their own ancestral land.

Starvation have reached to its peak in the village as all forms of livelihoods are halted. Beside that they are denied from any forms of humanitarian assistance from any concerned bodies as well. To battle this ongoing humanitarian crises all over the region victims are urging all responsible bodies and concerned individuals to raise their hands towards them.

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