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Half-Dead Rohingya Man Found at Buddhist’s Fishery in Maungdaw North

By RVision TV Correspondent

24rd June, 2017

Maungdaw- A half-dead Rohingya man was found at the Buddhist’s fishery in northern Maungdaw of Myanmar’s Arakan State on 12 July, 2017, reports a local.

It is the fishing lake of a Rakhine named Zaw Wang, the former local administrator of Nga Khura village tract under Maungdaw Township where the injured man was found in unconscious condition.

The victimized Rohingya is identified as Noor Hashin, son of Hala, hailing from the Nga Khura (locally- Nappura).

The local Rohingya Muslims, who went to fish, found the injured man lying on the ground Wednesday afternoon at about 1:00 pm. Because of being unconscious at that time, nobody knew the real incident happened to him. But the locals assumed that he was discriminately beaten by Rakhine extrimists.

“On the last Wednesday afternoon, we were going to fish in our fishing lakes. When we reached near the bank of the lake of Zaw Wang, we suddenly noticed the man lying face down and got frightened.  We didn’t avoid him but went to him and knew that he was our local. Then we called more people from the village to take him. We realized he was threshed by Rakhine extremists and thrown there,” said one of the shocked rescuers.

Due to the government’s back-up, the Rakhine extremists have become active to kill the innocent and helpless Rohingyas across the Rakhine State, so-called Arakan and so, the Rohingyas have been confined in their own villages where they are passing days and nights in starvation.

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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