Gyun Pauk Pyu Su Village of Northern Maungdaw Under Attack by Military and Rakhines

By June 26, 2017 20:31

Gyun Pauk Pyu Su Village of Northern Maungdaw Under Attack by Military and Rakhines

Northern Maungdaw – Today on 26/06/2017 at around 8:00 am hundreds of military and Border Guard Police in collaboration with local extremist Rakhines have sieged Botali Hamlet, Gyun Pauk Pyu Su Village Tract of Northern Maungdaw, chased the villagers and raided the village.

When the women and children have been besieged at a location near the market, and the male villagers have escaped to the nearby mountains leaving their homes, Rakhine extremists form Turing Rakhine Village have looted the village killing whom they meet and attacking violently, according to eyewitnesses. There are several reports of killing and missing but the victims are not yet identified.

Yesterday at around 11 am as well dozens of military, BGPs and Rakhine villagers have raided the village and they forced the villagers to vacate their homes and besieged them at them market letting the Rakhines robs the households, but there were not reports of killing, missing or violent attack.

On 24/06/2017 there was a dispute and quarrel near Zee Bin Chaung Village among four Rakhines from Turing Village who used to roam in Rohingya villages to find frogs, tortoises and other insects. They disputed and finally fought each other over a precious thing they found while digging a tortoise out of the earth.

The next day, the Rakhine villagers and armed authorities came to the village and destroyed it and tortured the villagers under the pretext that the four Rakhines were attacked by the Muslims, as they might be informed in their village and authorities. So, the Muslims believe that their dispute on Saturday was a pretending to find a pretext to attack the neighboring villages and create fresh violence as is done today.



By June 26, 2017 20:31

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